Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Photo session sneaks......

I was so honored to do this session!
I met Melissa through e-mail this year.
Both of our husbands are officers
on the USS Abraham Lincoln.
Although Melissa and I
developed a friendly
e-mail relationship,
we never met face to face
until the night of the Christmas party
at the Casino Resort.
We ate dinner together and
found that we had alot in common.
She is also a lover of photography and does amazing work!
We talked all night and arranged to get her girls
and Bren together
in the future.
Melissa's husband just received orders to
serve in Iraq for almost a year and a half.
He'll be leaving soon,
so this session was very important
to provide memories that they
can all hold in their hands
when they are missing each other.
Which will be often.
Melissa is strong though
and an amazing mom too,
so I'm sure she'll
do better than even she expects.
no matter how you package it,
separation is hard.
Keep Melissa and her sweet family
in your thoughts and prayers this year.
I know the coming year and beyond
is going to be tough on them.
But I also know that
Melissa has a strong support system
and a great attitude
about how she'll handle the deployment.
I'll be counting down the days
with her and
remain constantly thankful
that our Nation has honorable men
who are willing to serve
so that our children can have a
safer more secure future.

Thank you Melissa and Carlo,

for letting me into your home

to capture a bit of your

life through my lens.


Jodi said...

What absolutely beautiful photographs! They are going to cherish them while Carlo is deployed. May God bless him and keep him safe.

Happy New Year to you & your family.

Melissa Rossi said...

Becca you brought tears to my eyes-Thanks again for everything!

Laura said...

Seriously as always GORGEOUS pictures. You did a wonderful job here and I just love them. Such a cute little family.

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky-
I work with your mom and she always tells me I should comment. I learned of your blog when Paul passed away and I really enjoy it. I have so much respect and admirtion for you and your family. You are so decdicated. I'm a mom of a 2yr. old girl and 5mo. old boy and love being a mom and a wife. It's amazing. I get so much from following your blog. You inspire me!
Many Thanks. Rebecca

That shabby Pink Girl said...

Thank you for sharing this Beautiful family with us, I will pray for this family and others and keep you in my heart, for all of these wonderful familys who give up so much to keep us all safe, many blessing to you all.
marian elizabeth

Sandi Henderson said...

Oh Becca! These are stunning! Your black and white and sepia editing has gotten amazing!


PS-in the first shot I really thought that was Jaquin Pheonix!

kristi said...

What a beautiful little family! I don't know how you all do it. Being away for my husband a few days is okay, but a year 1/2?? No way!