Sunday, December 14, 2008

When you wish upon a snowflake.....

Sometimes you get your wish!!!

Much to the delight of my kids,
our neighborhood has been
transformed into a
winter wonderland!

The snow started last night and
continued until
we got about 4 inches on the ground.

The boys were out snowboarding until midnight last night!
Bren was out in the front yard until 9:30 and then
up bright and early this morning again
to play.

She's been out there for a little over an hour now
and has only come in once for hot cocoa.

I'm sure I'll have to drag her in
and thaw her little body out
for lunch in an hour or two!

I keep watching the cars go up and down
our street.
They are all slipping and sliding.
Our neighborhood doesn't get plowed
because we are up in the hills.
I'm hoping the ice melts enough
today for me to drive Zach to work tomorrow.

I've also got a hair appointment to get to
And groceries to get
since I am far less prepared for being iced in
than I thought!

But, for now,
I'm not going to worry about
braving the icy roads.

Right now,
I'm going to make cup after cup
of hot cocoa
for freezing kids,
tomato soup and grilled cheese for lunch.

I'm going to put a fire on and entice Bren
to stay in the toasty warm house
for a bit after lunch
while we make a gingerbread house.
That should give me enough time to
throw her clothes in the dryer and
be ready for the next round of snow play!

And then I'll worry about tomorrow
and how in the world I'm going to navigate my way
to civilization and back!


Laura said...

Seriously not only do you have some of the cutest children you have got some of the best dressed. Looks like it was lots of fun out there being had and glad to hear the boys got out there to do some boarding. Sounds like more fun then what I was having. I was getting yelled at for taking pictures...thats a new one. My mom was making cheesecakes and I was taking pics she said I made her mess up....I was just standing on a chair pointing the camera down at her....key word being camera...I am the one that holds the proof of who messed up what haha!

Abby*Lane said...

Now that looks like a blast!! I wish I was still as carefree as Bren! Man, she looks absolutely in LOVE with playing in that snow!