Monday, January 5, 2009


The time is fast approaching
when red hearts take center stage!

Carefully chosen Valentines will fill makeshift
mailboxes in grade school classes,
and chocolate hearts abound!

I vividly remember the Valentines Day
party that we hosted at my house
for my third grade class.
Where I went to grade school
at Annapolis Area Christian School,
(AACS, baby!)
each class had a class mom who would arrange
party hosts for different holidays throughout the year.
The parties would be held in student's homes.

Being the romantic that I was even then,
I was just thrilled that the Valentines Day party
would be at my house!
To be associated with the holiday
that was all about sending out love notes
was just divine in my book!

Mom and I decorated the party space with red and pink hearts.
This would be a party to be remembered.
Eyes would meet across the room,
true love would be declared and
everyone would have a great time!
third grade boys and third grade girls are not on
the same wavelength.
At least in my day they weren't.
I'm not even sure if they are on the same planet!

Within five minutes of arrival,
most of the boys that had any appeal
were out climbing the trees in my neighborhood.
We girls, dressed in frills,
ready for our prince charmings to tell us how beautiful we were,
sat there and looked at each other.

A few of us ventured out to oooh and ahhh
over how high our chosen boy had climbed,
but the party for all intents and purposes
had definitely taken a more
rustic turn.

Everyone reunited once the cupcakes
were served, but
very little electricity was exchanged.
No love-lorn glances,
No declarations of true love.
Just a bunch of sweaty boys
trying to prove that they were
master tree-climbers
and a bunch of disappointed girls
who realized at precisely that moment
that Valentines Day is over-rated
and the only real Princes in their lives that day
were their Daddies!

Bren is ready for "daddy is my real Prince" day
in this Baby Go Retro set!

The weather forced us inside for these photos,
but luckily,
Bren has a fun bedroom
with walls that made the perfect
background to this set!

I took a few practice shots
to make sure the lighting in Bren's room
would work for the shoot
and I ended up with two really cute ones!
Happy New Year everyone!
I hope yours has started out on the right foot!
I'll be back to blog about my


Laura said...

I love how much light your house gets cause wow your indoor pictures are always awesome even if they aren't a photoshoot!. Bren is growing up so fast and as cute as ever. These shots came out great and seriously loving her wall which was perfect for these pics LOVE.

Great pics and great poses there Bren great job girlie ^_^

Cute story and thanks for sharing I love hearing...well reading them LoL.

vicki piippo said...

Ahhh....Becca, what a sweet story. It touched my heart and captured that special feeling & memories.