Thursday, April 29, 2010

the goodbye book....

I could hear her in the back seat of the van,
the sweet notes of her voice reaching right into my heart.
She was reading from a book of letters
that her first grade class had written to her this week.
"I will miss you soooo much!"
"You are the best friend I have ever had in my whole life!"
"Have fun with your new friends, but don't forget about us!"
"Please ask your Dad not to move. I will miss you too much!"
As she read each one,
I choked back tears that threatened to reveal my concern for
each of my kids whenever a move is upon us.
My mind went back to an afternoon in late May
at Annapolis Area Christian School in Maryland
when my mom dried the tears of her own little girl
who was clutching a very similar book of goodbye letters.
We were moving from Maryland to Pensacola, Florida
and I was just finishing the 5th grade.
I remember all those final hugs
and all those goodbyes to friends who I thought
I would never be able to live without.
I've said goodbye so many times since then
and my oldest three kids have many goodbye books
of their own stashed away in a keepsake box.
But this is Bren's first precious collection of sweet sentiments
from her grade school friends putting into words what a special little girl she is
and how much she will be missed.
This will be her first taste of goodbye to all of the little girls
who have filled up her weekday afternoons,
and her first introduction to learning to let go and move on but not forget.
We probably won't see any tears from her
because she's a tough little one when it comes to that,
but we'll see it in other ways.
In the quiet way she'll stare out the window,
not saying anything but
thinking, thinking, thinking....
I will recognize the worry in her eyes.
What will her new school be like?
Will they like her?
Will she like them?
Will she have a nice teacher?
Uncertainty will surely haunt her when she lets it.
Like I said though,
She is one tough cookie
and a very adaptable, friendly child.
She'll do great and she'll make friends on day one,
I'm sure of it.
The hardest part is the leaving and the arriving.
Everything else is filling.
Our journey begins in the morning
with cross country adventure blogging starting over the weekend.
First stop,
We'll spend two nights with my friend Linda
and then off to Yellowstone with Linda and her family
for two days of exploring
before we point ourselves east on 70
and go until we smell the old bay seasoning!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Best of the West {part two}

As parents, we all know how fast our kids grow.
As I've learned this week while going through
lots of old photos,
capturing those moments is so
You will want to remember
their crooked smile,
the wave in their hair,
their tiny fingers and toes,
the innocent or mischievious look in their eyes.
Nothing can give those years back to you
like an album full of photos!
I will be booking sessions in the
Annapolis/Baltimore area
beginning May 22nd.
Book before July 31st for my special
"new in town" prices.
Let's get to know each other!
{Pass this on to your MD friends and family!}

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Best of the West! {Part One}

Teens and seniors are among my favorite
subjects to photograph.
Here are a few of my favorites from
my Pacific Northwest sessions.
If you live in the Baltimore/Annapolis
area and will be graduating in 2011,
send me an e-mail or leave a comment
with your contact information.
I am looking for a few spokesmodels
from each local high school.
Spokesmodels will receive session and print discounts
plus incentives
and will be the face of my business
in your high school.
Of course you don't have to be a senior
to need a portrait session.
Sweet sixteens and new smile
(newly removed braces)
sessions are fun too!
I will be booking promotional "new in town" sessions
at an incredible limited time price
for seniors and teens
in the Baltimore/Annapolis area
beginning May 22nd through July 31st!
Contact me for details!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
While I don't want you to think of my lack of posts as "hell",
I can say that I began this month with good intentions.
Intentions to post some observations
and feelings as our time here comes to an end.
And then I got sucked into the vortex of craziness!
I just can't believe that we will be leaving Washington State
in less than two weeks!
The packers will be here in 8 days!
I'm not ready yet, but I'm the queen of crunch time,
so I will have everything squared away by next weekend.
There are so many posts I wanted to make before I left.
I especially wanted to post some photos
from some family sessions I have been blessed to do here.
All of those families are Navy friends
and all of them are precious to me.
I'm so lucky to be able to take all of them with me
in beautiful photographs depicting each of their
unique personalities.
I get to look at them over and over
and remember the good times we had here.
I still intend to make that post....
right after I craigslist some furniture,
make an album of boutique sets to sell on facebook,
remove every undesireable item from every room
so we don't haul it across the country just to throw it away,
do one last session for a friend of mine,
collect all school transfer records and contact the new schools
to let them know we are on our way,
collect all dental records,
hopefully get Michael's braces off before we leave,
make sure all utility bills that we have yet to receive are paid,
make a hotel reservation for our last night here,
set aside everything we will be taking with us in our vehicles
so that essentials aren't packed in the moving truck,
plan our route,
make sure Zach is taken care of,
clean the house, weed the yard,
prepare the vehicles for the road trip,
organize our schedules so that all of our individual
going away parties can be attended,
and last but not least...
hold Brendell's 7th birthday party!!
So now you know what a rock star I will be
if I do get that post up before we leave!
I will be blogging our trip across the country beginning
April 30th.
First stop Spokane!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Idol Top 9

I hate going from Idol post to Idol post
with no post in between,
but it's just been that kind of week!
So here we go
American Idol Top 9
Lennon/McCartney week.
Long and Winding Road
I agree with Ellen,
this was the long and winding song!
I didn't like it at all
and I thought he was shaky
through the whole thing.
Definitely an off night for Aaron.
Let it Be
This is my favorite performance to date
from Katie.
I did hear a lean towards country
in her vocals tonight
so I agree with Simon,
forget Cristina and Fergie
country is the way Katie should go!
Can't Buy Me Love
Whenever I hear this song
it reminds me of the movie
"Can't Buy Me Love'
with pre-McDreamy Patrick Dempsey!
Loved that movie!
No matter what Andrew sings
I just like his tone so much.
He's very "relevant" as the judges would say.
It wasn't my favorite song on him,
but I think he has soooo much potential.
Eleanor Rigby
I actually liked this tonight.
It was good to see Mike take on
something dramatic and pull it off.
He's confident on stage
and always delivers a solid performance,
but I just can't get into him
for the long haul.
He shouldn't go yet, but he wont win.
Come Together
Do we really need to keep going with this competition?
Let's just get it down to Lee and Crystal
and see what happens!
Crystal rocked it tonight!
Perfect song,
awesome performance,
slammin' vocals...
where do I buy my ticket?
All My Lovin'
Ok, much better than last week,
but still a little
cruise ship to me.
I'm glad he got a nod from Simon though,
it's hard to get beat up week after week
and keep that 1,000 kilowatt smile going.
Too bad it's not "smile idol".
Jealous guy
My absolute favorite from him!
I loved his look tonight.
The golden locks let loose
works for him
and so did this song!
Top three for sure!
Across The Universe
This song was sooo boring,
but it gave me a chance to try to
figure out what the girl was wearing!
It ws like she woke up and couldn't decide
between Madonna, southern belle,
biker chic or business woman,
so she just put it all on!
The outfit was definitely more interesting than the song.
I'm not sure what Siobhan is doing,
but she's losing momentum big time.
No scream though....
thanks girl!
Hey Jude
I love this song
and I loved it on him!
He's just such an honest
humble guy and I love his raspy voice.
I'd buy his CD today!
Should go: