Saturday, December 13, 2008

Snow! Sorta.

Bren was able to put the ice balls
she had made from
this morning's slushy snow
and stored in the freezer,
to good use this afternoon!
We finally got a little more snow,
so she and Miss K threw the ice balls all over the street!

The snow still isn't sticking,

but it sure is pretty to watch it swirl to the ground!

We are still hoping for some more tomorrow
when the temperature will be alot colder.

Maybe some will stick then!


Laura said...

Yay snow! We got some of that today. We had alot on the ground and its still semi covered but then we had like a freezing rain storm and alot of it disappeared so were like you and waiting for more, though its still remained really cold out.

Okay seriously how cute is that green coat!

Kim said...

Snow is so pretty when you are a kid. Not so much when you are an adult and have to drive to work in it. :)

Libby Brady said...

LOVE reading your blog, Becca. Makes me smile or cry every time I come! Can't wait to see your more snow pics!!!

Tonkamom said...

Looks like they are having a blast playing in it! Love that last shot. I agree, snow's not as fun as when you were little. LOL