Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Morning!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

I put together this quick slideshow

of our Christmas morning.

The kids were both surprised and

happy with all of their gifts.

It was so much fun watching them open

up things that we knew they really wanted.

The only thing that would have made it better

is if Nana could have been here!

We cancelled her flight due to bad weather.

We had more snow this morning

making it our first official white Christmas!

(turn my blog music off before enjoying the slideshow!)

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Laura said...

YOU HAVE A DRUMSET!?!?!?!?! Did I know this before....*jumps up and down* Okay how do you guys look so amazing first thing in the morning. Love these pics. I need to keep getting better at this picture taken wait I take that back. I am good...I blame the horrible lighting in this dang house! Thats my problem!. Seriously great pics and how cool is that slideshow! *watches again*

Katey said...

great slide show! Was waiting for a pic of Bren and the barbie princess tower....jealous you have a white christmas...well we do too but I lived in Seattle my whole life until 6 years ago and NEVER had one...

mackey said...

Ya...why u all lookin' so good?! =)
We look al ittle rogher wround my house=)
Merry Christmas!

Joyce said...

WOW! great slideshow SO glad you had a wonderful winter white Christmas. Sure wish i was There. Inside - -dry - warm XXOO