Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Walk on the Wild Side!

We interrupt this Holiday atmosphere
for a splash of color!

Lisa of Little bits of Style is famous for
Fun and Funky!!
And Melanie of Lil Miss Priss
is her perfect compliment!

If you have any new mommies
on your gift list or a baby coming soon,
make sure to check out Lisa's site!
Her bib/towel sets are unique and
make such a great baby shower

Bren calls this her
Madagascar outfit!
If you haven't seen that movie
{Madagascar 2}
make sure you do!
Our family loved it!
Starting January 6th,
I'll be having a HUGE resell sale!!
If you have liked any of the sets
you have seen Bren model this year
and you have a little girl in your life
who is a size 4-6,
check back to see what I'm selling!
Many of the sets were only worn for modeling
and are brand new!
I'll be listing on e-bay and
selling some directly from this blog.
If you would like to receive a notice when the items
go up for sale,
please leave me your e-mail address
in my comment section.


Laura said...

HOLY how fun is this outfit!. I love it. Looking forward to seeing what all your selling, chances are I won't be able to afford them but by the time Alexis comes into the picture I am sure there will be plenty of trendy little things out there. I know I will be keeping my eye out for the stuff your selling though!.

Eckmama said...

I'm definitely interested! I love all the stuff she models.

caraintexas at earthlink dot net

Thank you! How exciting!

Mari said...

yep..will you be selling this one?? Its CUTE!! Bren is such a DOLL!!

Joyce said...

The best shots ever ,she is set for stardom.And Iam her NANA!!! XXOO

Mo said...

Now this is what I call funky fresh!

Jes said...

I want to know what you are selling! Bren look adorable.

Rebekah said...

I like your use of the paper lanterns! That really adds to the great outfit & cute kiddo :)

I have tagged you for an easy meme on my blog if you have the time!

Marica said...

Hi Rebecca! As always, you capture Bren in all her cuteness! Please let me know when you post the clothes online... would love to get a few outfits for Kayla!