Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow Days!!!!

Last night we had our second snow storm
of the season.

There was no school today,
Bren and Miss K had a blast
playing out in the snow!
Check out these two adorable little snow bunnies!

David and I had to run a few errands
so we ventured out into the great un-plowed, icy unknown.

The first few routes we attempted to take were closed,
but we finally found a way into town.

These photos were taken before the majority of the snow
fell this afternoon.
We've got a good 8-10 inches on the ground now and
most of that has fallen in the past 5 hours.

We'll be getting tire chains tomorrow.
Our neighbor is going to drive David up to the store to get them.
Then we'll be able to traverse these hills with a little more confidence.

Bren and I went outside tonight
when the snow started coming down really strong.
She rode sleds with the neighbors, threw snowballs at me
ran around like a fearless kid with endless energy!
I just tried to keep myself from hitting the ground!

The snow still hasn't stopped!!
I wonder what we'll wake up to tomorrow?

David and I will be going to his command Christmas
Party tomorrow at a Casino/resort called Tulalip.
We reserved a room and are so excited to have
our first overnight stay without the kids in 15 years!
I'd say we're overdue, huh?


mackey said...

i am sorry but I have to laugh at what u call a snowstorm. That is an average day here in Alberta in the winter time. Our school NEVER close. =)

Kim said...

Wow you have had more snow where you are then we have in NJ. Well tomorrow we are suppose to get 3-6 inches and I hate driving in it.

Laura said...

That is a pretty average day here for us and more a less what is on the ground right now. I know you have been waiting for it, well Michael for sure to get out there and snowboard so I am glad to see you are getting some!. Those are some massive hills so I can see the chains being required. Drive safely! Oh and one more thing


*Joins Bren in throwing snowballs and chucks one at you and grins*