Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bubbled up Bren.......

Now THAT'S a Bubble Bath!!!
Bren tends to be a shower girl instead of a bath taker lately.
But she's all about the bath if there are bubbles involved!
She overheard me telling Nana
that she would enjoy bath stuff
in her stocking this year.
Bubble Bath, fun sponges,
bath fizzies......

And that was enough to get her
begging me for a bubble bath in
our jacuzzi last night before bed.

We were all out of bubble bath,
so I squirted the water with Bren's
Suave two in one shampoo,
turned on the jets
and walked out of the room to start a load of laundry.
I came back to this mountain of
strawberry kiwi scented bubbles!!!

There are about 8 barbie dolls
and a bald headed baby doll
with one leg
hidden somewhere beneath those bubbles!

Needless to say, Bren had a blast!
She made muscles
(hey, she's got two big brothers)
beards, shark fins,
mohawks, mustaches,
crowns and ball gowns
out of bubbles.
I'm sure she's going to love her
stocking full of more fun ways to enjoy
a bubble bath!


Laura said...

I prefer showers more, but seriously how fun do those bubbles look! She is clearly in her own little world there which is great. Bath time should be anyones young and old special time to just do what they want. The third picture it looks like a bubble bunny LoL

Mackey said...

In the second one from the bottomshe looks like Santa Claus! =)

Jodi said...

What an incredible amount of bubbles!! Strawberry kiwi..that must have smelled so good! Too cute!

Mo said...

Uh oh, Bren has inspired me to take a bath now...

Rebekah said...

Don't ya love the way those jets really turn up the bubbles? I learned that the fun way right after we moved into the new house, too - my kids were in heaven!