Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Missing Gingerbread men....

The hunt is on!!

Remember all those gingerbread men
I helped Bren's class make
last week?
Well, they've gone missing!
We went on a hunt for them yesterday.
We checked the school office and library....

The class braved freezing temperatures
in the quest to follow the gingerbread trail!
At last we reached our big buddies classroom!

And look what we found inside!
Our Gingerbread men!!

Our big buddies helped us decorate them.
Then we ate them with hot chocolate!

This is Bren's sweet big buddy.
She's been so great with Bren all year.
Bren gave her a little gift bag full of treats
as a thank you for being so fun to work with.

And the best gift of all???
Daddy came home from deployment
a day early
and surprised Bren
during the Christmas party!!!!
That was the best gift ever!!!


Kim said...

That last picture is so sweet. :)

Tammy K said...

oh man! That pic of Bren and David made me teary eyed. How sweet!