Friday, June 22, 2007

Can you hear the waves???

Remember what it was like to be a little kid enjoying something with such abandon that you just jumped around in pure excitement? Bren's screams of joy almost overcame the sound of the waves crashing to the shore yesterday evening when we decided to explore the beach at sunset. She has always been a beach girl and has loved the Ocean from the first time she was introduced to it at about 6 months old. She had the best time jumping around and chasing the seagulls!
Click on the picture to see it in a larger format.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

All About Maddie!

My girl Maddie loves to sing her favorite songs at the top her lungs. She loves dancing, swimming, playing soccer and oddly enough, math. She's an awesome big sister to Brendell and a spunky little sister to Zach and Michael. She's a creative soul with a vast imagination. She loves ice cream and hates folding clothes. She loves animals and hates to be alone. She loves spending time with me shopping, watching movies, cooking, talking and doing girly things.
She says she wants to be a professional photographer when she grows up and has already developed quite an eye.
Here is how I see her....

Madison and I were finally able to go out and do the shoot I had been wanting to do with her. Standing on the threshold of being a little girl and being a teenager, she is who she is and I really admire that in her. Her strength and determination inspire me and her propensity for doing the right thing amazes me. She's a one of a kind, precious gift from God.

I wanted to capture her fun personality and her contageous smile. I love you Madison Joy!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Next Best Thing.....

The next best thing to having your own little sister is borrowing a friend's little sister for the day!

Bella and Bren modeled some fabulous sister sets from Lisa of e-bay ID little*bits*by*lisa today.

We chose the Cliff Walk in Newport as our backdrop for this fun shoot!

You can see the entire shoot here...

Saturday, June 16, 2007

We pass by this farm every day and I just love it! I always say that I'm going to do a shoot there someday. I really imagine a bride on the path leading up the red barn door. Someday I might get to actually shoot that, but on this day it was Bren and two of her sets.
The farm is called Borden Farm and it was built in 1860. It used to be a big working farm, but now the big farm house has been convereted into condos. It's a gorgeous place that I hope to continue to use in future photo shoots.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Our New Home

I have fallen in love with New England! Everywhere I look I see quaint little houses, stone walls lining the streets and lush trees in full bloom. I love water views and Rhode Island is the perfect state for that! We try to take drives all around the area just to see what is here and each time we go out I find my new "favorite" place! I wish we had longer to stay here and explore, but we'll be moving to Seattle in Spring 08. For now though, I live here, and I'm really gonna LIVE here, ya know? We've jumped right in and have made ourselves at home here even if it is just for now.

The BIG one!

A HUGE congratulations goes out to my brothers Jason and Jeremy Cox and the crew of the Sunset for bringing home the big one in the billfish tournament out of Biloxi, AL!!!!

This was a life long dream for my two angler siblings and I'm so happy that they were able to do this together! Good Luck in Destin, guys!!

I wish I could have been there to see all the action myself....I'm sure it was amazing to see, but Jason sent me these pictures as the next best thing. That's one big fish, huh?!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Youth Group

We are getting to know this fun bunch of youth from Middleton Baptist Church in Rhode Island.


My beautiful daughter turned 11 a few weeks ago! I'm so proud of her! She is on a trip to Orlando right now all on her own! She won the outstanding DARE student for her school in GA just before we moved. The prize was an all expense paid trip to Orlando (Epcot, Disney, Universal, Sea World, Planet Hollywood and Arabian Knights Dinner Theater) with the other winners from Camden county schools. She flew to GA to stay with friends who saw her off to Orlando and then welcomed her back when those four full days were over. She gets on a plane to fly to Baltimore on Saturday to spend a few days with her Nana and then we'll see her again on Monday when we pick her up at the airport in Providence. What an adventure for an eleven year old young lady!

Welcome Summer!

Bren had a recent photo shoot that was so fun, I just have to share a few pictures from it.

She thought that putting that orange slice in her mouth was the greatest thing ever!

Here are the women in my family. My mom is in the center surrounded by my daughter Bren, my daughter Madison, me, and my grandmother. This picture was taken by my son Michael.


This is my first attempt at keeping a blog, so I've got a lot of learning to do when it comes to posting pictures and getting music on here. Bear with me, hopefully I'll have this place looking great soon!
I'm Becca and this blog is for my life in general with an emphasis on my photography business currently called Bren and Company Photography. I'm portfolio building for the next year and learning everything I can about this business before I jump into it. We live in Portsmouth, Rhode Island right now and I gotta tell ya, the photo ops in this state are amazing! It is so quaint and historic. I am in love with New England so far and will be so sad to leave in March 08. We'll be heading to Seattle then and I'll be establishing my business there.
I am a sahm of four kids. Zachary is 15, Michael is 13, Madison is 11 and Brendell is 4. My husband David is in the Navy. He will be commissioned as an Officer in February of 08. He is currently an Chief on submarines.
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