Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Let the crafting begin!!!

Why is it that when the weather starts to change
I immediately hear Michael's craft store calling me?
Maybe it was ingrained in me as a child
when I'd watch my mom pull out
all her craft supplies in the Fall
and start making ornaments.
Maybe it's the colors of the changing leaves
that inspires me.
Could be the cider,
brightly colored scarves,
holiday music......

Whatever it is,
lately I've really been in the crafting mood.
I feel the need to spend hours browsing the craft isles
in Michael's and bringing home
bags of glitter, felt, pipe cleaners,
sparkly beads,
construction foam
and glue!

This year I bought little foam snowmen
to embellish.
Bren, Madison and Miss K
had a blast!
It occupied the little ones for at least an hour,
which is way better than sponge bob!
Yea for glitter glue!

I was planning to make a garland out of them
if we get enough of them done.
I'll find a place to hang it as part of my effort
to hand make a good bit of our
decorations this year.

I'm almost done with Christmas decorating.
Just a few pointsettias for the porch
and I'll call it good.


Mo said...

This time of the year brings out the same in me too. I get all kinds of crafty.

I hung the wreath on my front door and have officially called it good. No more decorating for this little home of mine.

Joyce said...

Wow i would love to join in !I remember making so many Christmas balls and sold them for 1$ a peace.My neck was so sore for weeks from looking down.I also remember makeing lots and lots of Christomes for our church christmas tree,i would stay up to the wee hours in the morning to get them done .But Oh the joy it brought to me. XXOO

Rebekah said...

We've been so busy running around this week that I'm lucky my tree is up! But this post makes me want to make time for a Christmas craft with the girls this weekend :)