Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Rockport, Mass

All I can say about this tiny little seaport town on the coast of Massachusettes is WOW!!!! There were sooooo many quaint little places and sweeping waterviews that caught my eye, it was hard to keep the camera off of my face! I think I saw 90% of the town though my lens because as soon as I'd get one shot, I'd turn around and there would be another I just had to get! I'll have to go back and see it with my real eyes one day.

Some of my favorite teens!

Although I would not be 16 again for a million dollars, I loved being a teenager in my time! Far removed from today's technical world of ipods and text messaging, we actually talked on the phone with our voices. The phones were attached to walls by long spiral cords that I remember twirling around my fingers during long giggling conversations. We played cassette tapes in our cars and watched movies on VHS that we had to rewind before returning to the video store. We watched music videos on Friday nights before the days of MTV. Our jeans were rolled tightly at the hem, our lipstick was bright and our hair was sprayed out as far as we could get it!! Yup! Those were the days!!
Todays teens fascinate me. Not only are they gorgeous, trendy, responsible and intelligent, but it just blows my mind at all that they are able to do at one time! The bombardment of media is incredible! I know several teens who can carry on a face to face conversation while simultaneously text messaging someone else on their phone and not miss a beat! I have a hard time listening to the radio in my car and concentrating on where I'm going at the same time!
Youth is wasted on the young, huh?
I just love doing portraits for teens! Here are some of my favorite teen portraits from the last few weeks. The first two are my boys, Zachary and Michael.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Rhode Island's Tall Ship tour and Parade

The arrival of the Tall ships to Newport harbor is a big deal to Aquidneck Island. An entire festival week is planned around the Tall Ships ending with a grand parade best seen from Castle Hill.

My Favorite Holiday

Those of you who know me know that the 4th of July is my favorite holiday of the year. It is so fitting that this year we live next to the town that has the oldest 4th of July parade in America! Bristol, Rhode Island is a gorgeous little town, but in July it comes alive with red, white and blue decor and patriotic festivities. We were able to get great seats on the parade route thanks to some friends who put our chairs out at 4:00 am! The parade was a little over 2 hours long and was just amazing! We took a little walk while waiting for the parade to begin and saw all of the houses decorated for the holiday. This is definitely the place to be if you love the 4th of July like I do!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Meeting Lexie........

I've met so many great people online, but I get to meet very few of them face to face. Because of her friendly e-mails and general kindness in the e-bay boutique community, I really wanted to meet Heidi. Aside from having jewelry design in common, we are both moms of little boutique models, so I knew we'd have a lot to talk about. When I found out that we were moving to Rhode Island, I contacted Heidi to find out how far we'd live from each other. Come to find out Heidi and her family visit the Newport are quite often so we were able to meet on Saturday. We spent a too short afternoon on the beach talking about everything under the sun while our little girls romped about in the surf and sand together. It was such an enjoyable afternoon and I can't wait to get together with our new " real life" friends soon!