Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Party!!!

Armed with tire chains,
we set out on Thursday afternoon
for our much anticipated
USS Abraham Lincoln
Christmas Party!

The party was held at Tulalip Casino and Resort
in Marysville.
The resort part is brand new and it was stunning!

Check out our room!

We got ready and headed down to dinner.

The ball room was decorated so beautifully!
The food was amazing too!
We had prime rib, seafood lasagna,
shrimp cocktail,oysters on the half shell,
pork tenderloin, fettucinni alfredo,
and all kinds of other yummy dishes
in a gorgeously displayed buffet!

This was the view from our room on the 9th floor.

This night was our first overnight date without the kids
in almost 16 years!
We had so much fun together, played penny slots until 3:30 am,
won and lost and won and lost
until we ended the night $14 down from when we
You can't beat $14 for an entire evening of fun!
We're definitely planning on doing it again
sometime this Summer.
The next day after enjoying
a huge breakfast buffet,
the valet brought us our car.
This car was a gift from my mom
and was shipped all the way from Maryland
this past October!
We were so thankful to have the valet bring us this
instead of the mini-van!
Not that I don't love and apreciate my mini-van,
but there's something about it that screams
"kids and responsibility"
and we weren't quite ready to be jolted back to reality
right there in front of the resort.

The drive home was an endless display
of another night of snow and freezing temperatures.

I won't show you photos of
the messy living room
we came home to,
the sink full of dishes
the still sleeping 17 year old
who was supposed to do them!
All in all, the kids faired pretty well.
Everyone was fed, warm and safe,
and we only got about 7 calls from them
during the course of our evening!


Heidi said...

YAY Becca...glad you had a good time :)

Kim said...

That hotel is stunning. I am glad you had a great time.

Laura said...

WELCOME HOME!!! Your tagboard was lonely without you and now its waiting for you LoL. Okay first off look at that room, holy heaven so pretty!. Sounds like you were fed really well and looks like it was a great date and should defo be done again. Don't you just love teenagers all they do is sleep. Though it is Winter Vacation. Happy Holidays!