Thursday, December 11, 2008

Our December baby....

Turns 15 today!
But first allow me a very short
walk down memory lane
with these scanned images.....

Ok, heart strings sufficiently pulled,
now let's move on.....

We celebrated Michael's birthday
on November 30th
so that David could have a part in it
before he deployed.

Michael currently has just one thing on his mind!

Can you guess what it is?

It involves teeth chattering,
adventure seeking,
cool looking equipment,
strong legs
and quite a bit of shivering.

Know what it is yet?

We bought all this
so that Michael could do this...............

Michael loves snowboarding!!
Having been introduced to the sport
while we were stationed in California,
Michael slid down the mountains on borrowed boards,
smiling through every second of it.
During our year in Rhode Island,
Michael's appreciation for snowboarding
and his desire to get better and better at it
grew with each new snow we'd get.
And we got quite a bit that year!
He's never been to an actual snowboarding place
with real courses to run,
but we're planning to take him
as often as we can afford to this winter.
We are told that there are tons of great places to go
around here.
All we need is a little bit of this......

We looked at the weather
and it says that we might get our first snow on Saturday.
Michael is SO excited about that!!
Happy birthday, Michael!
You make us prouder and prouder of you every year!


Katey said...

are you sure that second picture isn't Bren with short hair hee hee

Happy Birthday Michael!!

Laura said...

Happpy Birthday Michael! Boarding is so much better then skiing, not that I have anything against skiing, boarding is just more fun. Not that I am the greatest at either LoL but I did better on a board then on a ski. Here is wishing you plenty of snow so you can get out boarding.

It must be cute is Michael in the first two pics! and growing more handsome every year.

Happy Birthday Michael

Abby*Lane said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Heidi said...

Happy Birthday Michael!

Becca....your whole family makes me smile :)