Thursday, December 18, 2008

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.....

While David is out getting chains put on our tires,
I thought I'd give you a glimpse of what
is going on outside!
It is STILL snowing!!!
And not just a little bit.
It's really coming down out there!

We are still going to our party tonight.
All I've got to do is pack a bag
so we can get dressed
in our fancy clothes when we get there.
David is thinking that our odds
to win a great door prize or raffle
is going up with each inch of snow that
sticks to the ground!

The kids are really enjoying this!!
The snowboard ramp that the boys have
been working on all day
is almost complete!
Neighbors are building forts and having snow battles,
families are sledding down the middle of our
icy roads,
smoke is pouring from almost every roof top
insuring cozy comfort inside each snow covered home.

I have to admit,
it is breathtakingly beautiful!

Just look at how the snow has changed
my mountian view into a
winter wonderland!

Makes me want hot chocolate
just looking at it!


Laura said...

Gorgeous just gorgeous. Id be the insane kid sitting on a porch in a sleeping bag, hat and mitts on a lounge chair just starring at the winter wonderland freezing my tush and you know what...I so don't even care the view is simply breath taking.

Tell Madison it's great to see her on the blog now and then and holy I could not love her hair more if I tried its like perfect LoL.

Enjoy your winter wonderland!. Im hoping we get to see some pics of the board ramp!

Kim said...

It looks so beautiful but I don't want it. LOL

kristi said... looks like a Christmas card!