Thursday, December 31, 2009

aaaaand she's back!

Hi blog friends!

Happy New Year!!

After quite a break that I didn't really mean to take,
I'm ready to revive my blog.

Facebook can kill a blog,
don't ya think?

I post my status and let my friends know
what I'm doing and thinking,
so coming here to elaborate on that
sometimes takes a back seat.

Truth is, I've really missed blogging
so I'm pushing it back up to the
front of my priority list
right behind feeding my family
and playing bejewled blitz,
oh and harvesting my crops on farmville!

2010 brings with it the huge challenge
of my sailor being away from home
for extended periods of time
and you know what that means.

The adolescent sharks will be circling
and mama is on her own!
Melt downs will be inevitable for everyone
and I can't really be held responsible
for the amount of chocolate consumed.
As we face what is sure to be our hardest year and a half yet,
this blog is going to be where I turn to vent,
share, laugh, cry, scream and reminisce.

I'm going to need it and I'm going to need you.

I'm calling 2010 "Operation Lone Ship"
and through my posts you will get a glimpse
at my life....for real.

The good, the bad and the ugly.
By the end of it, you will either love me, hate me,
be surprised, be shocked, be comforted,
find me totally relatable
or totally certifiable,
campaign to have me committed
or commit to walk with me through this.
Either way, I promise I will never lie to you
or candy coat my raw emotions
because I know that someone somewhere
will be feeling what I'm feeling
but just doesn't have the words.
I owe it to her to find them for the two, ten or thousand of us.

A friend once observed that I tend to write myself out of a funk.

That is 100% true.

Writing helps me cope with whatever it is
I'm going through.
It's a way for me to organize my thoughts
so that I can sanely process them.

So, my fresh fruit in the next coming months
may be sour at times,
will probably contain some rather large
and hard to swallow seeds,
will definitely have some sweet spots,
could have a few bruises,
but I can assure you
it will always be freshly picked
from my life among the weeds.