Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Hero's Homecoming

Being a Navy wife is a bitter sweet existence.
There is really no way to understand it unless
you are one.
Or love one.
Here is a peek into our world.
One that we don't often share with outsiders
because that would not be "strong" of us.
And we are all about being strong.
Unless we are in groups together
leaning on each other and wiping each others tears.

The bitter parts of being a Navy wife can almost
do you in if you let them.
The bitterness of curling up in an empty bed after
a stressful day can almost swallow you whole,
if we were not comforted by the sweet e-mail
we just read from our sailor or soldier before bed.

The bitterness of having to see tears well up
in our children's eyes because they miss their dad
can leave deep scars in our heart
if it were not for the sweet soul to soul talks we get to have
with our kids about life,
honor and family.

The bitterness of separation can leave us cold
and alone
if it were not for the sweetness of
like-minded friends surrounding us with
warmth and companionship when we need it most.

The bitterness of carrying the whole load of a
household on our shoulders
is enough to break even the most
if we were not supported by those who come alongside us
during our hour of need.

The bitterness of worrying about our
soldier or sailor being in harm's way
can leave us a nervous wreck
if we were not soothed by reassuring
e-mails and phone conversations
and whispers of "I love you and I'm Ok".

There is no way to effectively explain
what it feels like to have a loved one
on foreign soil,
deep under the ocean,
flying high above enemy territory,
floating in unfriendly waters.....
for months
and months
and months.
There is no way to describe what it feels like
to wonder what this separation is doing to our kids.
No way to put into words our deep sadness
when the calendar flips too slowly.

There is no way to describe our longing
for the warmth of our loved ones arms.
To feel the soft kisses and sweet caresses
that melt away the day's troubles.
There is no way to make you understand
our great sorrow when we witness
a child's milestone

There is no way for you to comprehend
our anguish when we must endure
yet another delay,
a change,
an extension.

But there is also no way to describe
our sense of pride.
There is no way for you to understand
how honored we are to have
married incredible men
who serve their nation honorably.

There is no way for you to understand
the bond we have with eachother.
The absolute dedication we wives have
to our kind is unequaled.

There is no way that we can make you understand
what it feels like to read love notes from our soldier or sailor
and how we hang on to those words
and read them over and over again.
We can't describe for you the butterflies
we feel whenever we get a phone call,
a letter, an e-mail or skype.

You will never understand the sheer joy
and the incredible adrenaline of anticipation
as we get closer and closer to the
homecoming day.
We can't put into words what that first hug is like
or how blessed we feel to have our eyes on our
soldier or sailor.

How can we ever express to you
how lucky we are to have
a "first kiss" after many years of marriage,
to watch father and child rediscover each other,
to fall in love all over again?!

To take our soldier or sailor home
and celebrate life with them,
huddled close,
thanking God for safe returns,
the love of family,
and the rewards of patience!
You might remember the Rossi Family
from my blog.
I was blessed to do a photo shoot with them
before Giancarlo's deployment to the middle east
and I had the absolute honor of
photographing his homecoming!
Thank you to all of the men and woman
who are serving our country.
And a special thank you to the stateside spouses
who love their soldiers and sailors
in a thousand little ways
across miles and time zones!
God Bless!