Monday, November 3, 2008

Good Old Fashioned Fun!

I have a vivid memory of when I was about 7 or 8 years old.
That's saying alot, because my vivid memories are
few and far between these days.
But this one sticks in my mind.

I grew up in Crownsville, MD.
And they have gorgeous Autumn seasons there.

My family was great friends with
the pastor of our little church and
his family.
My brother and I spent alot of time with
Pam and Greg.
We were close enough in age to play
together well.

Pam and Greg had a porch on the back of their house,
and lots of woods surrounding their yard.

That meant lots and lots of leaves!

Being kids during a time where playing outside
trumped spending hours on the computer
or playing a video game,
we invented things to do.

So, naturally,
leaves + a second story porch

We spent about an hour
raking up all the leaves we could find
and made a huge pile.

Balancing on the railing of the porch,
Greg was about 14 feet off the ground,
but only 8 or 9 feet above the leaf pile,
I watched as he
lept into the air with a mighty yell
and was swallowed up by a sea of
and brown!

Having emerged with life and limb intact,
we all scrambled to try it too!
Those were the days of good old fashioned fun!
The kind of fun that I was happy to share with
Bren and her friend
last week.
Wait until you hear what we used to do when it snowed!


Mo said...

Fantastic pictures as usual.

Love how the memories being made by your daughter remind you of your memories.

Best of all, totally free! Simple pleasures are the best.

Cheryl said...

I never get tired of your beautiful pictures! I really would love a photo shoot with you one day when you're in town.

Anonymous said...

I love your pictures!
Bren is a beautiful little girl and seems to have lots of fun with your picture taking.
Alabama Grandmother

Laura said...

Okay you know you have to post the snow story at some point now right!!!. Cause the leaves one sounds amazingly cool!. Specially after one does it and limbs are all intact. Seriously its so true when I was little it was all about going outside and creating new things to do. Spending hours on a tire swing...seriously a tire on a tree that was worlds of fun. Climbing in it, climbing ontop, making your way up the rope to get to the tree. Then the day becoming night and having to come in and not wanting to cause you know that there is something else you could find to explore. We all need to just do things like that again. Imagine the fun everyone could have.

Gorgeous pics! Seriously love the colors of the leaves. Bren is just to cute for words.