Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Seventeen Years Ago Today......

I became a mommy!!!
Our oldest son, Zach
is 17 years old today!

Since I was just 17 last year
{I was, really. Just ask my dad!}
I have absolutely no idea
how I ended up with a 17 year old of my own!
You know how in the movies,
they always show a mom or dad
having flash backs of when their teenager
or adult child
was just a little kid?
Like when a kid is getting his driver's license
they'll show the dad having flash backs of teaching his
son how to ride his first bike,
or on her daughter's wedding day,
the mom will have flash backs
of her little girl playing dress up when she was 4 or 5?

Well, I've been having those alot lately.

I keep seeing this vivacious little boy
with blonde hair, daring green eyes
and the greatest belly laugh you ever heard!
He's running, laughing, jumping
busy with little boy things,
hardly noticing me at all.
He'll run through the room
and as soon as I
reach out to pull him on to my lap,
he's gone.

And I miss him.

Those same daring green eyes
look back at me now through bangs that cover
way too much of his handsome face.
He's almost 8 inches taller than me now
and way too big for my lap.
True to his Scott-Irish heritage,
He's always been full of fire
and fight.
He entered this world, wide-eyed and curious
and he's been trying to take over the throne
ever since!
He's a very head strong and opinionated kid.
He's right.
No black or white.

But lately, I've seen a little hint of change.
A new maturity in him that
manifests itself in a slight concession of pride.
A little bend in opinion.
A willing glimpse into another's perspective.
Perhaps a spark of compromise.
I see it glimmer and it grows.
The gift of Zach in my life has taught me
determination, patience, selflessness,
endurance, reliance on God
and the importance of grace.
He's brought such joy to his Father and I
and we are immensely proud of him!
Standing on the traditional threshold of childhood,
peering into the vastness of adulthood,
Zach has an exciting year of change and growth ahead of him.
We are excited to see what this last 365 day journey toward
a great milestone
will hold for our tenacious young warrior!


Laura said...

Holy, cant believe you have a 17 year old. *goes all Rachel on you when Phoebe handed Monica the grand supreme little darling trophy* CONGRADULATIOOOOOONS!

Seriously you know your doing something right as parents when you got not one amazing child but FOUR. Siblings fight, sure its natural but then you hear your oldest calling out from the stands "THATS MY BROTHER BABY!" its like the magic words to know your doing something right. I can't wait to have all these experiences.

Amazing kid you got there girl.

Mari said...

Wow Becca..what a handsome young man.

Stacy said...

*as I wipe a tear away* Where did the years go? Zach turning 17 and Steph 16 in December, has me too reminiscing. I remember the backyard and all the water and sand and laughter. The men adventuring to put together that playset. HA! Good times and great memories. He has grown to be quite a handsome young man!