Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The rookie season comes to a close.....

Last Saturday marked the final game
for the ponytail posse!

Bren had so much fun this season
and made lots of new friends.

She learned alot about the game of soccer.
She scored five total goals this season.

We are so proud of her progress
and can't wait until next season!

Tonight we'll have an end of season
team party at a pizza place.

David is making a slideshow of all the
photos I took during the season.

And, as a team gift to the coach,
I got one of those frames that you can sign.

I picked out three photos to put in the
frame and we'll have the girls
sign it for him.

I think he's going to love it!!

He is such an awesome coach and
poured alot of time and energy into
these girls!

See ya next year, Ponytail Posse!!!
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Anonymous said...

oh gosh she is sooo cute! I just love the way you capture the everyday girl!

Laura said...

awww looks like it was a great soccer season!. As always great pictures and you have once again captured pure brilliance.

musingwoman said...

What a sweetie! and love those pink socks!