Monday, November 17, 2008

A soul satisfying view!

No matter how hard I try,
I will never be able to do this view
justice with my camera lens!

It's like a different light show
from God that takes our breath away every night!
I've been known to call home when I'm out
and about at sundown and the mountains are in view
just to remind whoever is
home to look out the window and
see it for themselves!

There are lots of things I'd change about
the house we live in, and honestly
about life in general right now,
but this view is not one of them!

Every time I see it,
it's like a reminder to me that God
specifically designed his creation
for our pleasure.
I am reminded of his vast love for me
and the fact that he knows me so well.
He knew I would need this view.
He knew I would need the comfort it gives me
knowing that even when things aren't
exactly as I'd like them,
He's still there.
He's still King
and I'm still his daughter.
You know, that's just like my God!
It's just like him to quiet my anxious heart
with something that speaks to my soul.
He knows I love beauty,
and beauty he has given me....
times a million!
When I stand at the window
or on the deck, as I do several times a day,
it's almost as if he created this view
specifically for me
and just me.
That is how personal it feels!
He's doing the same for you.
Look around today and
see if you can spot his
soul-satisfying gifts
created especially for you
and just you!


Laura said...

I am just going to stare in awe right now. I love this view and I would find myself even in a snow covered blanket just sitting on the deck starring out at the beautiful skyline. Even looking at pictures I can feel any bad thought I have in my head just leaving. That looking out everything will be okay even if its not. The moments just sitting there, taking it in and just being thankful for everyone you have in your life and just for being alive for another day.

Wow and that is just from looking at a picture, I am sure the real window view is much more breath taking

Mo said...


What a great reminder.

The Perfect Trio said...

such a beautiful post today Becca!!! you have a wonderful way with words!!! and, of course, the pictures are amazing too!


Joyce said...

My Dear Becca,
YES! You are so right,He does this special work of art just for you.
You are the apple of His eye, His toughts towards you are alway's good. He is trilled that you take notice of His art work.
As your Mom I am trilled that -YOU GET IT !!!! See you soon ,and i hope He shows me some of what you see from your window. XXOO

Bre said...

hey thanks for those beautiful pictures! They are perfect examples for me to use on Thurs for the art docent lesson on sunsets!!