Friday, November 21, 2008

When in Rome.......

Do as the Romans do, right?
Well, when in Washington,
put up your Christmas lights
before any sane southerner would even
dream of pulling out the Christmas storage bins.
I get it though.
The weather here can turn on a dime
and when it does,
it's all over for roof climbing and
light hanging.
So, we followed suit
and started decking our halls
this week!

We haven't done anything inside yet,
except run our fireplace to take the chill out of the room.
But a glowing fireplace always makes me
feel all warm and holiday-ish, so to me
it's sorta like a Christmas decoration.
We'll start working indoors
this weekend after Thanksgiving.
Michael and David worked outside
adorning every possible area with
white lights.
Our neighbors have cornered the market
on flashing, chasing, colored lights
that are synchronized to music,
so we thought,
"why even try?"
ya know?
I love the elegant simplicity of all white lights though
and thankfully,
so does David, so there are no
"my way"/"your way" arguements over how we decorate.

They climbed on the roof
and got the job done pretty quickly.
They told me that the view from way up there
is completely different and
utterly awe-inspiring.
They think I should go up there
and see it for myself.
As much as I love beauty,
I also know that my knees melt when
I'm navigating unprotected heights,
and having just dealt with
a bone crushing injury,
I can't even imagine risking
it again.
So, I'll just take their word for it.

Here is our work in progress
glowing at night.
And yes, that is my crazy daughter silloutted in the window!
She got talked into checking out that fabulous view
that I'm too chicken to see!
We've still got a few things to do around the top floor windows
{and by "we", I mean David and Michael}
but it looks pretty good so far, huh?
Anyone else out there crazy enough to
put up their decorations
the week before Thanksgiving?


The Perfect Trio said...

Love it!!!

I'm laughing at who looks like your oldest daughter in the window upstairs!!! Silly girl!


momy4him said...


Sandi said...

LOL!! I love the teenager dancing in the window on the last shot. :) I'm sorry I didn't call on the day we agreed on! No fabulous excuse-just life. I'd still love to chat!!


Laura said...

Wow those are awesome! See this is one reason why I love two story can do more with it come christmas time. I am not that fortunate. My lights were going to go up last week but we got snow as I was raking the front lawn, now we have quite a bit again, but thursday/friday looks like it will be decent so my dad and I will be putting them up then. I love the pics you took. I may have to give some a try.

Love the Madison shilloutee LoL.

Sallie said...

We are putting ours up today - deep in the heart of Dixie. I mean when you wake up and it's 28 degrees - you can't help but be in the Christmas spirit. Plus I love the way the house looks when it's decorated. I would secretly leave it decorated all year - but my friends would think I have lost it! Yours looks beautiful! Thanks for helping me get in the spirit!

Nancy said...

Looking at your house brought back memories of decorating our favorite ever house in MO. It looked almost exactly like yours! I have my tree up, with fall decorating the day after Thanksgiving should be a snap.

Anonymous said...

Ok, if your going to join the craziness of lights before Thanksgiving, you need to go full force with Christmas music on the blog as well. :)