Friday, November 28, 2008

Another Thanksgiving in the books!

We now have enough left-overs
in the fridge to last us the weekend!
I'm trying to think of creative ways
to serve turkey for the next two
nights without us getting sick of it!
My absolute favorite left-over is
turkey sandwhiches on white bread
with mayo, salt and pepper!

We had pumpkin pie and
Georgia style pecan pie for
Bren actually wanted pumpkin pie for breakfast
this morning.
And I, in a midnight madness sleep deprived haze,
thankfully gave her a nice thick slice
complete with a small mountain
of redi-whip.
I was happy to get out of scrambling eggs
or making french toast for her this morning.
That girl loves her french toast!

It was so great to not have dish duty!!
The kids all pitched in and got the job done painlessly.
We all settled in to a turkey induced coma
soon after sunset.
David and I turned in extra early so we could
hit the stores at the ungodly hour of 3am!
We were tenth in line at the NEX on base
and got everything on our list
within 30 minutes!
It was very well run.
They opened the doors at 4:00 so we could get in out of the cold
and wait the remaining hour inside.
I passed the time reading New Moon
the second in the Twilight series,
so the two hours we spent in line
flew for me.
They gave out tickets for the limited items
and served free coffee, hot chocolate
and spiced tea.
They also handed out coffee mugs full of holiday treats
for us crazy deal seekers.
Everyone was polite and cheerful
despite the early hour.
I bet Walmart didn't wait on their
door buster customers with such attention
to our comfort.
And so, after one sacrificial morning,
I'm happy to say that we are just about done
with our Christmas shopping
and were able to save a good chunk of money
along with all the other crazies!
Now to get them all wrapped!


Laura said...

Yay for leftovers and not having to do dishes. Wow he is just knocked RIGHT out. On the floor and everything. Great pic. You know you've ate good when LoL

Anonymous said...

Well, at least Bren got her veggie and dairy for the day.