Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat

Another year, another bag full of candy!
David, Bren and I went
trick or treating
tonight with Bren's BFF, Miss K.
It was so much more enjoyable for her this year
because she had a buddy to
go with and a large neighborhood to
door knock.

We were out by 5:30 and home by 7:00
with a bag full of goodies to sort through.
David and I will,
of course,
need to make sure that the
reese's cups
are safe.
You know we do.
And so, another year will go in the books
and the snow princess will retire her wand
for the season.

You know, I would feel really guilty
about swiping some of Bren's
reese's cups
if it had not been for
a series of super steep hills
in our neighborhood!
Check out the view from the top of this one!
As I type this,
the sugar shock has definitely kicked in!
We allowed Bren to have three peices of candy tonight
and she's bouncing off the walls!
She and Miss K are practically trembling
with energy!
It's gonna be a long night!
I hope you and yours had a great one!


Unknown said...

Wow, your last pic looks just like a postcard! Happy Halloween to you and yours.

Laura said...

Happy Halloween Becca!. Im just going to stare at your pics in awe over here. I know I could have more to say but I am totally beat. Long day and pics to share to when you have a chance!.

Hope it was another great year or trick or treating.

Kelly @ Love Well said...

The view from the top of your neighborhood bowls me over every time. It's just breathtaking. I would be out there every night, taking pictures of the sunset.

Happy Halloween!

jonahbonah said...

Your neighborhood looks like a dream!! Something tells me when we move to Orlando we won't find anything quite a cozy....LOL