Monday, November 10, 2008

Fall Faves

The prints from the Fall social are in!

I'm busy packing them up in gift bags

to deliver to the school on Wednesday.

Here are some of my fave's from the night!

I feel like I've been editing all weekend!

I can't wait to post more photos from the newborn session.

I have some great ones of big sister Mattie too!

I've also got a video I'm going to try to post tomorrow

in honor of Veteran's Day,
but for now, here's a photo I took on Friday
at the Veteran's Day assembly that
Bren's school held.

I distracted myself as much as I could
by fiddling with the settings on my camera
and trying to look all involved in my shutter speed selection
so I would not give in to the tears that were welling up in my eyes.
It started when the 4th graders sang the military medley
and all of the service members stood when they heard their song.
I saw a few grandpas stand with pride gleaming in their eyes,
and I felt my face getting hot.
But, it was all I could do to maintain control of myself when a few
young soloist sang the verse of a beautiful song
called "I'll Always Be An American"
and the rest of the school kids joined in the chorus.
There is just something about a choir of 300 elementary school kids
singing a touching song about American heros.
The tears fell anyway,
but not in the all-encompassing,
public image threatening way
that they would have fallen
if I didn't have a diversion in my hands.
Have a happy Monday, my friends,
and give a nod, a smile and a thank you to a military person
if you happen upon one this week!

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Laura said...

The pics came out lovely. Seriously the set up worked really great!. Isn't editing just such fun LoL. The costumes all look amazing