Thursday, April 9, 2009

A sunny day and a rocky beach

Sunday was such a gorgeous day
here in Western Washington.
The sun was bright,
the sky was clear
and it warmed up to 65!

It was David's duty day
so the kids and I were on our own.
I couldn't imagine spending such a beautiful day
indoors, so I did a little looking around
on the internet and found a fun
place to go.
I was afraid I'd have to convince
Zachary, Michael and Madison to go
because they usually want to make plans
with their friends on the weekends,
but to my surprise they were all fine
with my plans for the most part.
Madison is not an outdoor girl,
so she wasn't too happy about it,
but came along with minimal grumbling.

We drove a little over an hour to
Deception Pass State Park.
The entrance to the park led us
on a winding road through thick
moss covered forests.
It was absolutely gorgeous!!
Those of you who have read Twilight
know exactly what I was thinking
when we got out and started
walking along the wooded paths!

We made our way to the rocky beach
where the kids skipped rocks
and made a teeter totter from
huge pieces of driftwood.
They had so much fun!
Even Madison cracked a smile or two
when she wasn't thinking about
how many bugs were crawling in the moss
that we were walking through!

There were lots of places to explore
and cliffs to climb.
It was so great to watch the kids
unplugged and still enjoying themselves!
Next time we'll bring David
to explore the rest of the park with us
and plan a picnic lunch or even a cook out
there on the beach.

There were far too many photos to post them all here,
so I put the rest of them in a slide show.
The sun has once again been swallowed up
by the grey clouds,
but I've already planned our next excursion
as soon as it peeks out again.
This time we'll head south and
visit Snoqualamie Falls!


Laura said...

Once again blown away by your photo story you have shared with the world. Thank you. Its like seeing the world in a whole new expierence and wanting to go out and see what new expierences lay ahead.

The place is breath taking, the water is GORGEOUS! the view is stunning! Thank you again for sharing a piece of your world with us.

I can't believe how stunning these pics are, the setting was so right on!

Carrie said...

You will love the falls! We went while we were in Seattle for Uncle Jeff's 60th birthday (2 years ago)! It doesn't have to be sunny to go, because you'll get wet anyway! I loved the pictures! The kids are gorgeous! Love you!

Cristie :) said...

Gorgeous pictures! That's one of those places I have yet to visit. Maybe with the guys beinging home (for the most part) this summer we can ACTUALLY visit a few of these wonderful places before we go on to new grounds! Thanks for sharing! :)