Wednesday, April 8, 2009

American Idol Top 8!!

Okay blog friends,
it is that time again!!
I'm slacking a little by starting this
with the top 8 instead of the top 10,
but what a fun week to start with.
My favorite night to blog about
last year was the
"year they were born" night
so it seems appropriate that I start here!
First of all,
it does not make me very happy
that I could have babysat
for every single one of these youngin's
except for Danny and maybe Adam.
I loved seeing all the baby photos
and home videos of these kids.
* we go.....
Danny sang 1980's Stand By Me.
Let's see, in 1980 I was the tender age of 10.
Not too much I remember about being 10.
I wasn't allowed to watch the movies
that were out like
Caddyshack or Blue Lagoon.
I just remember watching alot
of Little House on the Prairie and
The Muppets.
Oh, yeah, back to Danny.
Unlike the judges,
I really liked the arrangement.
I thought it had a nice build to it
which is something that Danny does well.
His delivery was great too!
He remains in my final two
and I really hope he wins it all.
Kris sang 1985's All She Wants to Do is Dance!
hmmmmmm...... All I want to do is turn the TV down.
I was 15 in 1985,
Back to the Future, The Breakfast Club and
St. Elmo's Fire all came out in 1985.
I watched all of these
on big thick VHS tapes
in my BFF Deedra Dean's den
while snuggled up in a sleeping bag
and snacking on popcorn
and rootbeer floats!
Good times.
I was the same age as my son, Michael.
I was practicing driving
just like he is,
and most likely giving my mom
a heart attack when she
rode shot gun...
just like Michael does!
Paybacks are heck!!
Now back to Kris...
Dang Kris, you were doing so good!
I don't know why he picked this song
when there was "Cool it Now" by New Edition
or "Sussudio" by Phil Collins
out there for him to choose from!
I agree that the arrangement took
control over the vocals
and we lost the ladder climbing
Kris tonight.
Can we also lose the deer in the headlights
off beat clapping pack of girls surrounding him
Thank you.
Lil (I'm so glad that's not a stage name) Rounds sang
1984's "What's Love Got To Do With It?"
In 1984, I was 14 years old.
One hit wonder Corey Hart
was on my radio
and Ralph Macchio posters
plastered my bedroom walls.
It was a good year for movies too
with Footloose and Sixteen Candles
hitting the big screen.
Now back to Lil.....
Ohhhhhh, Come on girl!!!!!
What the heck are you thinking!!!!??
I'm so not digging on my
power vocal star
channeling Tina Turner tonight!!
We've not seen the best of Lil,
and I'm afraid she's intent on
hiding it from us!
Anoop sang 1986's True Colors.
I was 16 and in the 10th grade.
I had my driver's license
and was a cheerleader
for the PCS Warriors.
Ferris Bueller was on the big screen
and we were all walking like Egyptians!
I cannot listen to True Colors
and not think of Cyndi Lauper's
video which features her
baby cute voice,
hot pink hair, squinty eyes and
punk rock make-up!
That girl had a style all her own
and a very distinctive voice.
Anoop....not so much.
I did like him tonight,
but I just don't see a solid star in him.
I do see an all around nice guy
who was the only one to wear an
actual color tonight.
I guess if you are singing a song
about a rainbow,
you should be wearing a little color, huh?
Scott sang 1985's The Search is Over".
Ohhhhh, Scotty, Scotty, Scotty.
We'll get to your review in a minute,
but first I have to say that I really do like this song!
I can still remember
opening my locker in the 9th grade
and finding a piece of notebook paper
with the lyrics of this song
written out for me by a boy named Chip.
Chip is now a very talented
photographer in LA
and frankly could probably have written
lyrical circles around
Jim Peterik and Frankie Sullivan
(who wrote this song)
if he had chosen to go that route,
but in the 9th grade he was my first crush
and so hearing that song again
made me wish that someone with a stronger voice
had sung it!
It was completely out of his range
and he sreeched through most of it.
Bummer because the boy is likeable,
he's just not a power ballad singer
and he looked awkward trying to be.
Allison sang 1992's I Can't Make You Love Me.
Allison, I think with that voice, you can!
In April of 1992, when Allison was born,
I was a 22 yr old single mom living in Maryland
dropping my baby off at daycare
every morning
and putting in a full day's work.
It wouldn't be until July of 1992 that
I would marry Zach's dad.
I don't remember what was playing
on the radio
or what movies were out
or what day it was half the time.
I was full on work and baby
and work and baby
no time for pop culture in my world at the time.
Allison did a great job with this song
and I'm amazed at her poise at 16.
Her stage presence is really good
and I enjoy her every week.
I did REALLY hate her outfit
this week though!
Matthew sang 1985's Part Time Lover.
Again with the 1985!
I'm running out of memories here.
Fifteen wasn't necessarily a banner year for me.
First crush, first driving experience,
lots of fun movies,
it was freshman year
full of all the appropriate angst
and awkwardness,
what more can I say?
What I can say is Matt's Back!!!!
He rocked his JT vibe tonight
and I'm so happy he did.
I love him in this style
and he needed this boost.
I hope America thinks so too.
Adam sang 1982's "Mad World".
In 1982, I was 12.
The same age as my daughter
but we are only the same in
two ways.
I had two brothers and
I was also adjusting
to a new State and
a new group of friends.
Today's 12 year olds are nothing
like the unplugged 12 year olds of 1982!
With texting and myspace
and the more media heavy, in your face
culture of today,
12 year olds are much more grown up,
more technically savvy
and able to multi-task in creative ways!
Now back to Adam.
This boy is in a league all his own.
Whether you like him personally or not,
you cannot deny this boy's talent!
He was flawless tonight
and deserved the standing ovation
he received from the judges.
I don't want him to win
because Danny has my heart,
but it will be hard to justify
2nd place for our boy Adam.
Does anyone else think that he
is a dead ringer for a young Elvis?
So there you have it,
my Idol Blog for the top 8!!
My predictions for tonight:
Bottom three:
First safe: Kris
Going Home: Scott


Anonymous said...

psssst, Danny sang the 1980 version of "Stand By Me" because that is the year he was born, he is the oldest contestant on now...

Southern Rose said...

loved your comparing the years and the songs with your (our) ages...memories...stephanie :)

Laura said...

I loved your write up for this!!. I was glad there was a 1986 song, the year I was born! I wouldn't have many other memories 85 I was in my moms belly probably kicking away happily.

Seriously once again I love how you have a way with writing! I always love reading this blog!

Smoochiefrog said...

I had Ralph Macchio posters in my room too. I so wanted to marry him.

Adam & Danny, final 2, no doubt.

momy4him said...

isn't america tired of scott yet? i'm sorry- not to be the mean one here but he should have been gone a while ago!
danny has the chops no doubt, but i think adam has it all going on, the voice, the range, the look...american idol!
allison needs to be on the radio- heard, but not seen. pretty girl, but i hate her outfit every week!

Cristie :) said...

Gosh...that was a fun peek into your life! Thanks for sharing! I must say I TOTALLY 100% agree with you! Danny has my heart and I would love to see him take it all but DANG Adam can sing!!! I think I would be okay if Adam won the contest. I've never seen a "runner up" contestent disappear if their good! He'll be safe either way. :)