Thursday, April 23, 2009

Such a cool gift!!

I have a Canadian friend named Laura
who is a very talented web designer.
She also adores Bren and is such an encourager to me.
She always takes the time to comment on my posts
and her words bring a smile to my face.
For her 6th birthday,
Laura made Bren a youtube video
set to her favorite song!
I just love it!
Thanks Laura!!
Check it out!


mackey said...

Awww,,,,she is not even my little girl &this made me cry. Sweet tears.
What a beautiful video of a beautiful little girl from your beautiful friend.

Anonymous said...

A treasure to keep!
Loved it!
Alabama Grandmother

Michelle said...


Laurie said...

What a sweet treasure! Your friend and the video!:)

Tina Lovett said...

I dont know why I've never done this! (Comment)
WOW what a video! Touches a mother's heart when someone else puts that much time into something about one of your kids!
She is a truly gorgeous little girl!

Karen Deltete said...

AWESOME, that's one of the coolest things I've ever seen...such attention to the details! I have tears in my eyes. Is she looking for more friends? I think I'd like to have her as my own.