Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Feeling Dandy!

The girls came bursting through the front door a few days ago
with handfuls of dandelions that they had picked for me
at the neighborhood park.
They were so excited to hand me
their treasured bouquets.
I "oooohed and ahhhed" with them over their gift.
I snapped some photos of Bren and her friend
and the evidence of Spring
that they held in their
excited little fists.

But later I got to thinking about the dandelion plant.
Who would think that these bright yellow flowers
were considered weeds and that many a homeowner
had waged war against them?
They are so pretty!
Raising their sunny faces to the blue Spring sky,
these flowers are enchanting to those who
enjoy their distinctive pop of color after a very grey winter.
Soon these blooms will give way to white puff balls,
laden with feathery winged seeds.

More magic and giggles can be found then!
How fun it is to watch the seeds take flight
on your own breath!

It is in this joy, that the dandelion weed is spread.
And boy does it spread!
With the help of the spring time breeze
{and the huffs and puffs of many enchanted little ones}
a few dandelion plants can be transformed
to take over an entire neighborhood!

What if we thought of our actions as being like
the seeds of the dandelion plant.
Whirling and swirling throughout our days,
weeks and months
the seeds of our actions ascending.
Their flight taking affect even farther than we can imagine.
What if we stopped waging war against
the seeds of physical human connectedness?
Against the seeds of feeling out of our own comfort zone?
Against reaching out and being available to someone else?
Maybe even someone a bit undesireable?
In a world of instant connectedness through
facebook, twitter and texting,
why is it that we are still so disconnected
in deeper ways?

One little act of kindness.
One encouraging conversation.
One sincere smile.
One sympathetic hug.
One unsolicited act of assistance.
One gesture of selflessness.
Taking flight, implanting in one soul
and growing there
until a blossom forms and
the process is begun again.

What if it started with me.
With you.
What if you had the power to change
the place where you live?
Your home.
Your town.
Just by simply treating others
with the same kindness that you would
want to be treated with?
Going beyond the expected
and doing the unexpected.

And what if that simple attitude
took flight and grew?
What if that attitude spread like
dandelions in your world?
Wouldn't you want to live in a place like that?
I sure would!
So what do you say?
Are you feeling Dandy?


Laura said...

How is it that something as simple as a dandelion, that grows on many lawns, for many homes, in many places can bring so many tears and smiles to my face right now?

Is it because these two stunning little girls have been able to capture a simple smile from there mama and friends as we all did when we were little.

Picking so many "weeds" for my grandma just because of the pure beauty they had with every color. That she would ooooh and aaaah at and proudly display for all to see.

The words you wrote along with the pictures, something so simple, thats all it takes, one small little gesture and it can be the biggest one ever.

Words can not describe your awesomeness no matter how much I try to.

Joyce said...

Your words are full of wisdom and your not forty yet !XXOO the best is yet to come .

Keeling said...

I just love your blog! Those pictures are gorgeous