Wednesday, April 15, 2009

American Idol Movie Night!

Led by Quentin Tarantino
{who I don't particularly like
but whose direction of the contestants
last night I really did like}
Our American Idol top 7
sang hits from the movies.
First of all I have to comment on how nice Ryan looked.
I was loving his polka dot tie!
Now Paula on the other hand....
I'm not quite sure what she was wearing
and apparently neither did Ryan
because when he went to comment on it,
the only word he could find was
I guess that was better than,
"My what a lovely bejeweled dog collar you are wearing
tonight, Paula!"
I'm just saying.
Ok, on to the contestants:
Allison sang "Don't Wanna Miss A Thing."
This song is a favorite in our house
and we all loved Allison's version of it.
Branded "The girls only hope" by Simon
Allison did a great job with a big song.
In my opinion, she still needs wardrobe direction!
I haven't liked a thing she has performed in yet.
Anoop {dawg} sang "Everything I do".
This boy steps it up every week!
I'm liking him more and more.
I don't think he has the chops to stand with Danny and Adam,
But he might give the other two boys a run for their money
in the next few weeks!
Adam sang "Born to be Wild".
The black fingernails and heavy eye-liner are back again
this week with a rocked-out, Axle Rose-esque
version of this song with a hint of techno flavor.
Adam's range blows me away everytime!
He's not screaming, he's actually hitting and holding those notes!
It's just amazing to me.
He commands the stage every week
and his confidence makes for a very compelling performance.
Adam brought out the metaphor/cliche/inspirational quote library in Paula
Apparently he was dancing in the path of greatness,
or something like that.
And she closed with "fortune rewards the brave".
Sometimes it does.
Sometimes it throws the brave right into freakville!
Such is the case when Britney was brave enough to shave her head
or when AI was brave enough to let Lady Ga-Ga sing
on it's stage.
Matt sang "Have You Ever Loved A Woman".
I love the lyrics of this song,
but I didn't love Matt singing it.
When he stuck to the melody in the beginning
it was great, but he messed up somewhere toward the end
and it was enough to put him in the bottom three in my opinion.
I'm happy to see him back at the keys,
but I'm afraid his inconsistency
could put him jeopardy.
Danny sang "Endless Love"
I loved this!!
I think it was the perfect song choice for his raspy voice
and he sang it with such emotion.
Whenever Danny sings an emotional song
such as this
I'm always afraid that he will break down in tears.
He holds it together though,
which is something that can't be said for those of us watching him!
Kris sang "Falling Slowly"
I'm going to find this song and put it on my playlist.
It's lyrically beautiful!
Kris started out a little shaky and to me he looked
awkward as he paused between those first few slow lines.
It seemed like he didn't know what to do with himself,
but then toward the end of the song
he hit some awesome notes and
I think he redeemed himself.
I watched him sing two times
and the second time through
I liked it much better.
I think the first time I was too tense
because of his awkward beginning.
I do think that with such an obscure song,
he could be in the bottom three though,
but he's not ready to go home.
Lil sang "The Rose".
She tried to put her spin on it,
but unfortunately her efforts fell flat.
I did not like this at all
and I'm afraid Lil may have exhausted
her many second chances.
Bye-Bye Lil,
we could have loved you!
Best of the Night: Danny
Bottom three: Lil, Matt, Kris
Going home: Lil


momy4him said...

i agree that ms. lil has done it again. picked the wrong dang song. ugh. i was cracking up because she looked like lafawnda from napoleon dynamite and how fitting that she sang the song they sing in that movie lol!!!
buh bye lil!!!
i still think adam is going to take this competition and win it all!

Smoochiefrog said...

I liked Lil at the beginning, but now not so much. She's almost trying too hard.