Wednesday, April 29, 2009

American Idol top Five!

Last night was Rat Pack night!!!
I always enjoy this evening because
it comes with really great wardrobe!
Everyone looked so nice and
dare I say debonair?
We are getting down to it now and
it's getting harder and harder for me to choose favorites.
So, I will say that my favorite of the night was
Jamie Foxx.
After seeing him like this though,

It is super hard to get used to him like this.....

I kept waiting for him to purse out his lips
and cross his eyes!
I am still mad at him over his ridiculous new song
"Blame it on the al-al-al-al-alcohol"
I really enjoyed Jamie's mentoring style
and I agree with Simon who said
that Jamie was pulling really great things out of the contestants
Now, on with the show!
1. Kris:
"The Way You Look Tonight".
I love this song because of this.......

I know, right? How romantic is that?

Kris's performance tonight is now another reason

why I love that song!

He was amazing! I got major goosebumps and I agree

with the judges that this was his best to date!

I'm thinking he might overtake my boy Danny.

Gasp! I know, I know, it would be a bitter sweet

night, but there is no denying that Kris is hot on the heels

of both front runners Adam and Danny.

2. Allison.

"Someone to Watch Over Me".

You know how you hear those throaty, sexy songs sometimes

in shows like Grey's Anatomy or Private Practice

during particularly tender moments?

Well, Allison's version of this song belongs in a show like that.

I really loved it!

I thought she was at her best tonight

and I'm definitely a new fan.

I haven't loved her up until now,

but I'm afraid I may be a little bit too late.

With her track record, I'm afraid she'll be in danger

even though tonights performance was awesome.

3. Matt:

"My Funny Valentine"

Matt was definitely in his element tonight.

You can tell he loves this genre and he did great with his song.

I'm glad he took Jamie's advice and held that one strong note.

I liked it, but I just didn't get goosebumps,

and at this stage in the game,

I needed goosebumps.

4. Danny:

"Come Rain or Come Shine"

Man, that boy can wail, can't he???

I agree with I think it was Randy who said

that he could have an album of songs like this

and be really successful with it.

He did have that confident swaggar and

his performance was very strong.

5. Adam:

"Feeling Good"


I really have no words!

But let me try to find some.

Adam is like a rebellious teenager that drives you insane.

Even if you don't particularly like him,

you just have to love him!

His not so inner drama king was out in full force

tonight as he sauntered down that red lit staircase,

and his entire performance teetered right on the

line of over the top indulgence and absolute brilliance.

But, nonetheless, like Cara,

I was left sitting there on my red couch

mouth open,

eyes wide,

wondering why this boy has gone unnoticed

until American Idol!

Strongest of the night.....

I'm gonna have to say Kris

just because there are some who might be afraid of Adam's

broadway-esque prowess.

In danger tonight....

It's really unfair, but if I had to name two

it would be Allison and Matt.

So, do you agree with me?


Southern Rose said...

I haven't watched it yet (daughter had a softball game last night) but now am looking forward to it even more. I have liked Kris from the beginning - I kept telling my husband, He's good - and he'd said, Really?

I really enjoy reading about your family through your blog. Hope we can meet up one of these days in Pensacola. ~Stephanie

Kritter Krit said...

I loved your recap! I, too, kept waiting for Jamie to whip out "Wanda" on us. I had a hard time taking him seriously. But, I have to admit, his advice to Allison was right on!

That said. Here’s my two (totally worthless) cents on the matter…

I think AI is rigged. Well, maybe not “rigged” exactly, but I definitely think Simon has an agenda. One he pushes - heavily. I mean, he’ll say something negative about a performance (even if it was flawless - even if I think HE THINKS it was flawless) just to try to sway the voters. Take Allison for example. She was pretty darn close to perfection last night. Looked great, sounded amazing. Strong, pure power in her voice. What’s to complain about? Enter Simon, who claims she “doesn’t care about winning”. Ha! I think the man fancies himself a Puppeteer. Ooo ah ah… Pull the strings and watch America dance to my commands.

It really irks me sometimes.

Hmm. Perhaps I’m a tad too emotionally invested in this stinkin’ show. Whoops.

momy4him said...

kris sang the song beautifully i can't wait to buy his version. i agree about matt and allison. i did not love matt's performance, i think i expected more from him. i love the advice jamie gave allison(he has a daughter)16-17 too young to be in love, sing it innocently and that's how i heard it. and it was beautiful.
danny didn't sing that song- he SANG it and tore. it. up!!! camryn said, "is that good?" um...YEAH!!!
i guess i should have said he rocked it.
oh my, ADAM! when he hit that high note, then went and ended the song i was like, "wait, that's it?!" i didn't want it to be over!
i agree with everything you said here!

Marianne said...

I agree entirely with you. I'm afraid that Matt is on his way out. He is a great singer, but lacks something in the way he comes across. Maybe he just isn't confident enough.