Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Brendell!!!!

Six years ago today,
God put the "cherry" on top
of our family Sundae,
and it's been a sugar rush ever since!!!

The following is a pictoral trip
down memory lane.
Our little girl has grown up so fast!!
She's brought us so much joy and laughter.
What a gift she is to us!
I won't make a huge post now,
we've got lots of celebrations planned
for the next few days,
so come back for class party pictures
and birthday party pictures in the next few days!
For now enjoy these photos...
I'm going to make the birthday girl some breakfast!


Michelle said...

What a doll baby!!! SO cute!!

Debbie said...

What a beautiful little girl.

Cristie :) said...

Are you kidding me....I am sooo crying right now. DANG IT! The picture with Bren laying on your chest just kills me!!! The innocence of not only babies but the feeling of a new mother all over again...just takes my breath away! Got to love it!!! :)