Saturday, April 25, 2009

Party in the Park

When we first moved here last Spring
and I found this park,
I thought it would be the perfect place
for a birthday party.
I remember saying, "It's too bad
that we can't count on the weather in
April because I'd love to have
Bren's birthday party here next year."
Well, here we are a year later,
and I'm so glad we took the chance
and booked this room for Bren's party.
We gambled with the weather,
and it turned out to be in our favor.
We couldn't have asked for a better day!

We invited Bren's entire class of 22
and a few friends outside of school.
18 Kindergarteners plus parents and
a few siblings came out to help us celebrate!

Everyone had such a great time!
The kids enjoyed playing on the playground
equipment the most.
It was hard to drag them away for
my relay races.

But a little more than half of them
came over for a few relays.
They balanced plastic jungle animals on
spoons and raced each other.

Most of the time though,
they just ran from playground to party room.
We had Madagascar 2 playing in the party room
as well as a station set up to make
little bracelets with wild animal beads.

Of course we had to have a pinata!
Bren was the most excited about this!

After the pinata,
we went inside for pizza, cake, ice cream and
present opening.

This was Bren's first ever birthday party
where she's gotten to invite all of her friends.
Every year since she was three years old,
we have moved in April.
Because of that, she associates birthdays with moving.
When some of her friends had birthdays earlier this year,
she was very concerned that they were moving.
She also asked me several times if
we were moving since it was her birthday.
Bren will get to have two more birthdays
here in Washington before we move again.
I'm so glad she was able to experience her own
full blown birthday party!

We also had our own little family celebration
on her actual birthday day.
I got a few cute shots from that,
so I thought I'd share them too.

Thanks to everyone who has
watched her grow along with us over the life of my blog.
Your sweet comments about her over the
past two years have brought us alot of joy.
I have the best blog readers ever!!


Kim said...

Looks like a great party!

Laura said...

Bren girl, I knew you would have an amazing party! Yay for not havinig to move. The pictures from your actual birthday are just to cute, looks like your already working up on the sugar rush, though so far nothing tops the previous sugar rush that was just all kinds of awesome.

How cool of a party!. It looks like you had a blast. I gotta say though the pic of you, a friend and your two brothers is probably my favorite as they are even having fun to, thats a great moment to have to look back on one day.

Way to go rocking mama!.

Happy Birthday Bren

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Bren!!
WOW.. Great looking party.
Alabama Grandmother

Rebekah said...

A party in the park - what a fantastic idea! It's sometimes disappointing to have kids with winter birthdays, lol.

Happy belated birthday, Bren :)