Monday, April 20, 2009

Ribs gone wrong!

Have you ever had one of those days
when it seems like so many things go wrong
that you just have to laugh?
Well, today was a day like that for me.
It started out normal enough.
I went to a Zumba class which was great.
I enjoyed it so much and came home with so much energy
that I mopped the floor, beat out my throw rugs,
scrubbed the kitchen and bathroom
and vacuumed the living room.
And then came dinner.
The witching hour.
The time when the women are separated from the girls.
I made a promise to myself that I would cook a full meal
every night for the remainder of this month.
I was well on my way with two pyrex pans full of ribs in the oven.

I was feeling like suzy homemaker
and couldn't wait for David to come home
to a clean house and a hot meal.
Halfway through the ribs cooking time,
I always take the pan out and drain the fat.
This is one of those times when in one single instant
everything can go terribly wrong.
At some point the hot pan touched a bit of cold water on the counter
and burst into a zillion shards of blue glass!
The undrained fat splattered all over my newly mopped floor
and the disposal in the sink was full of glass!
It took me 45 minutes to get it all cleaned up.
We still had one pan of ribs that survived,
but it was not enough to feed my family.
I ran back out to the store to buy another pack of ribs.
I found what I needed
and proceeded to place it on the conveyor belt in the check out line.
There must have been a hole in the package of ribs
because as soon as I picked it up out of my cart,
it ripped open and ribs fell out all over the conveyor belt!
At this point all I could do was laugh.
I tried to pick them up and put them back in the package,
but they are slippery little suckers
and one slipped out of my hand and into my open purse!

Thankfully, the line of people behind me were patient
and laughing with me as I ran back to grab another pack of ribs.
As I type this, the second batch of ribs is in the oven,
and David and I will finally have our dinner at about 8:30 tonight.

Sometimes "Murphy" just comes to live in your house, doesn't he?
The secret is to find beauty in the chaos
and to make lemonaide out of lemons right?
Some of those shattered blue glass pyrex pieces caught the sun
streaming through the kitchen window
in such a way that they were actually beautiful.
I kept several of them and used them to decorate
my window box coffee table.

Now whenever I think I'm having a bad day,
I can look at those pieces of glass
and be be reminded to look for the silver lining.
Because there always,
is one.


Cristie :) said...

Like I can make poop look good!! Thanks for the laugh!!!! Hey and think about get to buy a brand new pyrex! Wanna go shopping? :)

Holly said...

I love you, Becca!!! Thanks so much for reminding me how to lighten up! I think I would've been defeated after the first incident and served ribs with a side of cereal.

You rock!

Mari said...

Okay, my kids think I am totally wierd laughing all by myself over here!! A rib fell into your purse? EW!! ROFL..

Laura said...

First glad to her your okay cause this story could have gone several different ways with a hot pan, grease and shattered glass all over the place.

But wow what a night. Though this is one reason why I never like using the glass dishes.

So not only will you be getting a new pan, is there a new purse on that what to buy list now to LoL.

Becca said...

LOL! Cristie....when I got the pack of ribs, I also picked up another pan....a metal one! I think I might be done with pyrex. I did the same thing about three years ago with a different pan of ribs. Once is an accident, twice is just proof that I should not be trusted with hot pyrex!

Joyce said...

LOL ,I love love you women.The way you always see the rainbow !!! XXOO