Monday, April 13, 2009

In a perfect world.......

Every street would be lined with
flowering pink trees!
Sometimes the breeze catches
these tiny little pink blossoms
and sends them spinning in the air
like confetti.
The swirling and whirling of soft pink petals
sometimes lands on our windshield
and we carry them with us as far as they will go.
We were caught up in this fairy dance
as we drove down this street
the other day
and Bren and I both giggled
at the whimsy of nature's play.
Bren said,
"Those pink flowers make me feel all smiley!"

Wouldn't you feel all smiley too
if your ordinary drive down an ordinary street
was celebrated in such an extraordinary way?
Happy Spring!!


Laura said...

Wow now how pretty is that street lined with those trees!!!


Happy Spring Becca!!

Katey said...

::jealous::: our trees by Lake CdA don't even have buds yet :(

Michelle said...

I sure wish we had some beautiful trees like that here! We are still freezing with rain...although our grass is finally starting to turn green. Thank you for commenting on my blog...not to sound sappy, but it was such an honor to have you comment on my photos, as I am such a big fan of your work! You made my day!!! :0)

Cristie :) said...

Gosh, you make it sound so magical...don't get me wrong it is nice. Of course you know there's always a..but..they are NOT fun to clean off your driveway and the pretty pink turns to yucky brown that stains your vehicles as well. They are truely gorgeous when they STAY on the TREE! I'm not complaining's so nice to see something besides gray in this lovely WA area! Happy Spring to you too! :)

Joyce said...

Oh My goodness !!! Extraordinary You are ! lovely shots , but what is truly EXTRAORDINARY is you and your way of looking at the ordinary things of life ,you make it come alive for others , you are gifted don't doubt it.XXOO

Melissa Rossi said...

Were you taking pictures WHILE you were driving Becca?!?!?!?