Wednesday, April 22, 2009

American Idol Recap

So we are back to four judges this week
with our top seven
and Disco tunes!
I have to say that this is traditionally my
least favorite week.
But there were a few shining stars this time.
Lil Rounds was not one of them.
She sang I'm Every Woman.
I totally agree with the judge who said
that she actually has shown us
every woman but herself during this competition.
It's actually getting a little sad.
Now for the star of the week....
Kris Allen!
He sang She Works Hard For The Money
with a very cool arrangement.
I loved every bit of it!!
He took an overdone song and made it current
with a very cool vibe.
Well done, you little ladder climber you!
Danny sang September.
I love this song only because
it mentions the 21st night of September
which happens to be my husband's birthday.
Danny definitely got his groove on
with this song, but it wasn't my favorite from him.
He's still one of my picks for top two,
but tonight wasn't his greatest.
Allison sang Hot Stuff.
She looks a little better tonight.
Somehow a tad softer,
or as soft as you can be when you are
head to toe in black leather!
I really loved her intro,
but the whole thing was just a bit awkward to me.
Maybe it was a tad to slow,
maybe it was the arrangement.
Whatever it was there was definitely
a bit of awkwardness tonight.
Adam sang If I Can't Have You.
He slowed it down and sang the heck out of it tonight!
Like I've said before,
this boys range just blows me away.
He really is musically brilliant
and in a class all by himself.
He's versatile and distinctive.
A rare talent!
He'll definitely be in the finals
and probably take the whole thing!
Matt sang Stayin' Alive.
I was worried when they announced this song choice,
but I was pleasantly surprised.
It wasn't great, but it was better than I thought it would be.
Let's hope he did well enough to justify his
judges save last week.
Anoop sang Dim All The Lights.
Ug. I just hated this song.
Anoop had some moments,
but not enough I'm afraid.
I think he's in trouble tonight.
Bottom three:
Lil, Matt, Anoop.
Going Home: Lil
Fave of the night: Kris


Laurie said...

I pretty much agree with your Idol recap! Chris and Adam were the stars of the night! Matt was a fave of mine at the first, but he's just has not done well week after week---he's not gonna make it. Definitely Matt, Lil and Anoop in the bottom, totally! A lot of people like to boo Simon, but he definitely tells the truth--doesn't sugar coat. I totally agreed with Simon last night---I usually do!:) Love me some AI (as we call it in our house)!

Headless Mom said...

Yep. Kris rocked it!

D'Rae said...

Don't forget that two people will be going home tonight since they evoked the judges save last week. So I think that Lil will be going along with either Anoop or Matt.