Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Year They Were Born......

Good evening fellow Idol fans!!!
Guess what...this really is going to be live blogging because I'm watching Idol in my room tonight.
March Madness has taken over the living room television, so I'm all snuggled up in bed right next to my computer for live play by play baby!!
I'm going to compare the year they were born to where I was in my life at the time because I like to make myself feel old...especially on the eve of a birthday.
First up....
Ramiele: 1987 ( I was 17 and was on Gayfer's teen board in Pensacola, Fl)
Really? Really she was born the year this song came out? I am SO old!!!
Apparently she is a biter turned singer. Good to know.
Again, a questionable outfit. sigh.
Hmmmm, a little screamy for me.
I love this song though...but I'm not sure she sang for her life tonight.
I'm sorry, I just have to comment here on Paula's outfit.
Long black gloves with Madonna throw back bling bracelets?
Jason: 1987 ( I was one day shy of 17 and was a varsity cheerleader in the 11th grade)
....did he just say March 25th????? I knew I liked this boy...my birthday is tomorrow!
Aw! Both of my sons had that same bowl haircut that Jason did when they were young.
More foreign language from Jason this week.
He's great tonight though...totally comfortable with this song.
LOVE him!!!
Simon is less than thrilled, so I hope Jason takes his challenge and blows him away next week!
Happy Birthday Jason!
Syesha: 1987 ( I was still 16 and was working as a score keeper/ announcer in the press box of the Dixie Youth baseball league)
If I Were Your Woman
I just have to say...that baby cry is soooo annoying!
Wow! She's really strong tonight. I'm enjoying this and I'm not a big fan.
Chikezie: 1985 ( I was 15 and had my first kiss during this year)
If Only For One Night
What is all over his jacket?!
Hmmm...nothing special for me tonight.
Maybe I was too distracted by whatever that is on his jacket?
Brooke: 1983 ( I was 13 and quite the soccer player, but I stunk at softball)
Every Breath You Take
Wow! What a talent she has for the piano, huh?
A little ooopsie in the beginning...but it's a live show and she moved right on.
I'm loving this! She did a great job tonight!!
Michael: 1978 ( I was 8...finally, I don't feel so old! )
We Are The Champions
There's that big voice!! Very high energy and dramatic tonight, I think.
I'm glad he finally let go and just wailed!!
Carly: 1983 ( I was 13 and fell in love with the movie "The Outsiders") Total Eclipse of the Heart
One of my favorite songs!
Wow! I'm loving her tonight!
Very strong except for that last sharp note.
I think it was a good choice for her.
David A: 1990 (I was 20 and pregnant with my first born)
Missed the name of the song!
This was a good change for him! A little more upbeat this time.
Notice how he always chooses songs that have meaningful/political/deep lyrics?
He's got such a great voice, but I like him much better when he's singing ballads.
Kristie: 1984 ( I was 14 and had Ralph Macchio posters all over my wall)
God Bless The USA
Ok, I just want to stand up and wave the flag!!
I'm a patriotic girl and this song always gets me.
She did a great job tonight!
David Cook: 1982 (I was 12 and adjusting to being a Floridian after living 11 years in MD)
Billie Jean
He's so creative with his arrangements. I'm loving this!
This could totally be hit right now!
He's going to sneak up and win this whole thing!
"Blazing Molten Hot"..... Randy.
Bottom Three:
Chikezie, Ramiele, and I want to say Carly just because of what happened last week, but it will probably be Kristie by default.
Who should go: Chikezie


Christy said...

Hi! I found you through an American Idol blog and LOVE your blog. What a clever idea to think back where you were when....can't say my memory is as good as yours...

I have to agree with you on pretty much everything. I hate to see Chikezie go after his performance in the top 12, but...he's got to keep it up.

Good luck on your move.

Pajama Mama said...

Happy Birthday first of all! I LOVED how you added how old you were/what you were doing at the time in the mix. Awesome. Gayfers!!! I miss Gayfers. We had one here in South Georgia. It's a Dillard's now.

Your kids are beautiful and I love your blog header picture.

Enjoyed your review,

terri said...

Screamy is a good word for Ramiele.
I love how you added what you were doing the year they were born. Fun!!
Have a Happy Birthday!!!

pinkmommy said...

Happy Birthday!

Enjoyed reading what you were doing when...

pinkmommy said...

Happy Birthday!

Enjoyed reading what you were doing when...

Melzie said...

OH swoon Ralph Macchio "wax on..wax off" LOL blog on sister. xoxo melzie

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I was swatted by the "old" fly swatter, as well, but I am yet older than you, young one. I was in college for "Every Breath You Take," and Brooke was just sleeping through the night and batting at rattles. Yikes.

Jodi said...

Great idea adding what you were doing during those years. I am 35 so we were almost doing the same things.

LOVED David Cook's "Billie Jean". He is my favorite.