Monday, March 10, 2008

Day One............

So Bren wakes up beside me this morning and the first thing she says is,

"We've passed one day, right?"
"One day until what?" I asked her.
"One day passed until Daddy comes home!"
The countdown has begun!

David left for school around dinner time last night. Michael, Madison and Bren helped him carry his bags to what will be his new home for the next five weeks.

He's already called to check in and seems to be doing fine aside from missing us already.
Hopefully we'll be able to sneak up there a few times and see him during their free time. They are allowed to go to the navy exchange during that time, so that will be our new meeting place when we can swing it.
I had to drive myself to physical therapy today and all went well. I'm on super duper motrin, which seemed to manage my pain almost as good as vicodan, so I'm encouraged by that.

On Saturday we had the privilege of going to the birthday party of my friend's little boy. He's also one of my favorite photo subjects and I'm sure you will recognize him from past posts.
Happy first Birthday Cody!!!
I took some shots while I was there so I thought I'd share a few....

This is Cody and his grandma.

I always love seeing Navy kids with their grandparents.

Aside from the service members who are lucky enough to be stationed very close to home or the grandparents that follow their kids around from duty station to duty station (you'd be surprised how many we've met that do this!), it is rare for Navy kids to have much time with their grandparents. So, when you see Navy kids being cuddled by grandmas and grandpas or you hear grandparents cheering at the ball games of military kids, most often great effort has been made to make that happen and to me it's just so precious.


We had a family movie night on Saturday night. David and the boys went to see 10,000 BC

and the girls and I saw Penelope.

The boys liked their movie and we really enjoyed ours.

Penelope was directed by Reese Witherspoon who I really like. It's a great little movie with a good moral!

and I leave you with a do-over in the you tube department. Perhaps this one will work. It's not the same as the first one I posted, but it will still put a smile on your face.

This one is dedicated to my brothers and all the other die-hard fisherman out there!

Don't forget to turn my music player off (if you haven't already) before clicking play on the video..... and if you've got the time click on some of Tim Hawkin's other videos that run along the bottom of the player after my selection plays. Michael and I just sat here and laughed for a half hour over them!!


Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog entires, Rebecca. Bren and I have matching scars now. :)

kristi said...

Adorable photos!