Thursday, March 13, 2008

Decorating help......

Ok, get out your Martha Stuart hat.....

You'd think with all of the HGTV I watched while I was recovering from my ankle surgery that I'd have a very clear and creative idea as to how I want my daughter's bedroom to look.
But, all those hours were lost on me.....I'm stumped.

I absolutely love the paint in the room that will be Bren's, but I'm not sure what to put on her bed. Her present twin quilt will not work because she's upgrading to a full bed.

I would love for the room to have a little bit of pop because Bren's personality is certainly spunky and well, lets face it...the girls got "pop"!
When I think of Bren I think of bright colors like lime green and hot pink paired with black and white polka dots.....

But she does definitely have a girly princess side too.......

I'm definitely comfortable for saving the bright, bold room for when she's a bit older unless there is a way to marry the two together in a tasteful way.

Go check out the paint in the room first here. Her's will be the pink striped room.

and then give me your opinions on these:







Can you tell that I've been quilt shopping all afternoon?

Just holding Bren and quilt shopping.............


Laura K said...

I love all this hosue stuff and decorating ^_^!!!

Okay well first I can really see Brens room being the pink already there so that worked out nicely ^_^.

Out of the bedding I must say you got some really great choices. But from seeing some of the clothes Bren wears in shoots, and her personality on the camera. I dunno number 2 is just SCREAMING at me. Number 2 is kinda everything thrown together in a nice pattern. I really love the little frog on there to makes it funkay and fun and it may not "pop" but frogs "HOP" so yes this is my dork opinion coming into play here.

I can really see her enjoying that bed set for man years. Im 21 and even I LOVE it lol.

I think she will like the pink patches, and with the walls having the pink and white. The patches of white is a nice balance, and green adds something.

Good luck!

Cant wait to see what you do with this house

Kelly @ Love Well said...

My favorite is #2 but I think #3 would look better with the paint.

I say save the really bright colors and leopard print for an older bedroom. She certainly looks like she'll deserve it.

Joyce said...

#I is my pick ,With the beauitful walls two much business in the bedding would compete for attention. less is more thats what I think

carole said...

I love the quilt and shams in #5.
Add a black bedskirt and some B&W polka dot pillows and I think it would be adorable with those pink walls.

Those giant flowers on the quilt are awesome, it gives it alot of punch without being busy like the others. It wouldn't compete with the striped walls.
They are all beautiful choices though and I think any little girl would love any one of them.
Good luck!

Eckmama said...

My personal favorite is #2 but for her age and to match the paint I vote for #4. You get bright colors without being too bold, two shades of pink that match the walls, and enough other colors to work with to keep it from being completely pink (although my girls' room is all pink!). The pattern is simple and pretty.

Love the house! It's so perfect! Don't you love when we get to see how God has been working in our lives all along? There are so many things that we go through and we never know WHY, we just trust that God is in control, so I always think it's a special treat when He lets us have a glimpse of His big picture. Does that make sense?

I don't think there's a bad choice on the quilts. Which one does Bren like?

bopashe said...

I've been wanting to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. The music is always special, and several songs I have adopted as my favorites. At any rate my choice for Bren's bed is #2. The colors are happy and have that "pop" that I think you are looking for.

Mary Stacker said...

Shoot, I love them all. I'm no help!

Ayme said...

So funny you are shopping for quilts because I have been doing the same thing! We just upgraded Marissa to a big girl bed from the crib. I found one that was adorable and will be good for now. I decided I am finally going to try my hand at making one so it is what I am looking for. I have to say, I love #1 for me but for Bren I agree with some others that #2 is just too cute!
BTW, congrats on the beautiful house! It looks like a great place to move! I haven't been here for a bit, I thought you were so busy with the move that you weren't blogging but I was wrong! I had alot to catch up on. You always have so much to share! It is great! I better get started on posting on mine. lol. Ayme

PamperingBeki said...

2,3, or 4 :)