Monday, March 17, 2008

The sicky bug....

Has made it's way through our family. Hopefully it's on it's way out now!

We've been lying around all week nursing sore throats and tending to high fevers.

I think everyone is on the mend now though.

David was able to come home this weekend! Yippeee!

It looks like he'll be able to do that every weekend of the school which is an unexpected blessing!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!

Here's a bit of green for ya.

Seems to be a color lacking in her wardrobe at the moment, but we modeled a cute set today with some of the lucky color......

I'm going to be trying my hand at "live Idol blogging" tomorrow night. I'm using "live" as a relative term, of course. I'll actually be blogging about each contestant after I get the kids settled in bed, and then I'll link to other Idol bloggers who are doing the same thing.

It should be fun!

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