Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Members of our future "Family".....

Are hurting right now!
We'll soon be in their shoes.
David will be joining the deployed ship somewhere in the great blue sea toward the end of May.
Please keep the families of these sailors in your prayers as they face a long separation from their loved ones.
Also keep the sailors in your prayers as they are out there protecting our freedom and will face numerous challenges.
They are truely heros!
If you are interested in some statistics on this HUGE aircraft carrier....check this out...

Meals prepared daily:
More than 20,000

Bread baked daily:
600-800 loaves

Sodas consumed daily:

Milk consumed daily:
600 gallons

Hamburgers consumed daily:
620 pounds

Eggs consumed daily:
180 dozen

Vegetables consumed daily:
800 pounds

Fruit consumed daily:
900 pounds

Laundry cleaned daily:
5,550 pounds

Haircuts given daily:


Kelly @ Love Well said...

So now I'm curious. We have many Navy friends. What does your husband do that allows him to meet up with the ship mid-WestPac?

Becca said...

Hi! He just made Officer through the LDO program and is going through Officer Training School here in Newport, RI. He graduates in three weeks....so he missed the beginning of the deployment. With a crew of close to 4,000 men and women, people are reporting during deployments all the time. They just fly them out to meet the ship at the first opportunity after checking in at the command.