Friday, March 7, 2008

"C" week extended....

Here is something else I'm behind on.
We decided to make "C" week last for two weeks instead of just one since finding a house took up so much of our time.
We wanted to give the third letter of the alphabet the attention it deserved.....
especially because so many fun words begin with C.
Cookies & Cream
This is NOT a letter you want to rush through!
So, to celebrate "C", we covered a few things in Chocolate!

Banana slices

Pretzel sticks
and Cookies!

Zach even participated in this activity by helping to eat the strawberries, and of course making me proud by dorking out for the camera. This is why there are so few photos of my two boys! It's so hard to get them to just be their handsome selves anymore!

It's great having a big brother!

And it's great to have things covered in Chocolate!

I don't know how we are going to top this for "D" week.....oh wait, yes I do!
Dunkin Doughnuts!!!!!


JOY said...

OKAY Sweethart,That all looks real good !But what about Nutrition.How about Carrots, celery , corn ,Your Moma

Anonymous said... take the best candids of your kids! I'm always so jealous!

Anonymous said...

Can we do C week again when you move out West?

I love your blog! You my dear are one talented lady.