Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Live Idol Blogging Party!!

Beatles week Two:
1. Amanda: Back in the USSR
You know, I get the whole unique, southern rock, jamming on the back of a pick up truck deal, but I just wish I could understand what she is saying, man!!
2. Kristie: You've Got to Hide Your Love Away.
Well, While I do think this is her farewell song, I still think she would have done well in any other season than this one. She has a great voice and what she lacks in stage presence can definitely be taught and learned by experience. The competition is just too stiff for you this season, my dear. Zach is going to be crushed, but I think we've seen the last of Krisite this season.
3. David A: The Long and Winding Road
One word: Chills!!! That boy is the ballad King and should never try to do another upbeat song again!! He was born for crooning and singing meaningful lyrics that connect with the audience. Loved him tonight!!
4. Michael Johns: A Day in The Life
While I agree that this arrangement did not do this song justice, something about Michael really speaks to me. He definitely chooses songs that he connects with and to me that comes across very well. I don't think we've seen what he can really do yet. I'm just waiting for the wow! I know it's coming!
5. Brooke: Here Comes The Sun
I want to be friends with this girl! She just seems so down to earth and genuine. Although tonight was not her strongest performance, I love her voice.
6. David Cook: Day Tripper
I really enjoy him every single week. He's always fun to watch, has great vocals and puts his own spin on the songs he sings. Tonight was not as strong as last week, but he still rocked it out. And the boy can play the guitar, huh?
7. Carly: Blackbird
I totally got why she chose this song and I think she delivered it well. I think she has the strongest vocals of the girls this year. She just needs to keep picking the right songs.
8. Jason Castro: Michelle
He's charming in any language!
What I love about him, but what might also be his downfall is that he wears his feelings on his face. He's completely transparent when he sings. If he misses a note, you can see it on his face immediately. If he thinks what he is singing is corny, you can see that in his bashful smile as well. Although endearing, this can come across as lack of confidence if he's not careful. He's got a very marketable look and voice and I'd buy his CD today, but I'm afraid he needs to be super careful about song choice. He needs to stick with songs that show his range, but have enough depth to them that he can connect with the lyrics and draw the audience in.
9. Syesha: Yesterday
I wanted her to blow this song out of the water because it's one of my favorite Beatles songs, but I think she fell a little short this week. The high, strong notes were good, but the rest of it was just too shaky for me. She'll be in the bottom three again, I think.
10. Chikezie: I've Just Seen A Face
Ditch the harmonica and just sing! This song was a little skitzophenic for me! I didn't quite get it. He might be in the bottom three as well.
11. Ramiele: I Shoulda Known Better
Cute, but I think it was a throw away performance for her. It did nothing to show her range and was just kinda bubble gum cute. This season is far too strong for song choices like this. She needs to bring it every time in order to compete with Carly. She may also hit the bottom three this week.
Bottom Three: Kristie, Syesha, Chikezie/Ramiele
I agree with the judge that said that maybe a second Beatles week was a bit much. Hopefully they've got a great mentor in line for next week and we can leave the mop tops behind. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy the Beatles music, but most of the song choices tonight had weird melodies and seemed in the low range for some of our stronger singers. I'm ready for some 80's hair band ballads! LOL! Wouldn't that be a fun week?


Melzie said...

Oh yeah lets do the 80's :) cant you see David C rockin out and Brooke finding some earthy song woohoo. bye bye beatles ;) xoxo melzie

Cobblestones said...

Loved your review. Didn't that harmonica crack you up? I took me by such surprise that I started laughing and couldn't stop! I also love your photography. You are very talented!!

Tamara said...

Great review, Becca. I especially liked your comments on Jason...he does wear his feelings on his sleeve, and you can tell when he feels like he's being cheesy. He needs to capitalize on that expressive face and choose songs that reflect him.

And 80's? That would be SO great. I'd like to hear some Chicago.