Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin Palooza!!!!

Today was the long awaited trip
to the pumpkin patch with Bren's class!!
As we were about to deboard the bus,
it was announced that
the farm was completely out of
all small and medium pumpkins
large pumpkins were growing scarce!
So our rule of
"don't bring home what
you cannot carry"
went out the window.
The new rule?
Grab the largest, most awkwardly shaped pumpkin
you can find,
call for your group mom to load it into
a wheel barrel
and then run all over the pumpkin patch
like crazed five year olds
while said adult
struggles on loose gravel to
navigate her over-loaded
demon possessed
wheel barrel
in the general direction of the bus!
Seeing 22 five year olds trying to fit 30 pound pumpkins
into target bags
(because they are perfect
for carrying the expected small pumpkins in!)
was a funny sight,
but not nearly as hysterical as it's going to be
watching mom's face at the bus stop
when Johnny proudly rolls the oversized
orange fruit
down the bus stairs!
"Surprise mom!
Look what I got at the pumpkin patch today!"

I had three sweet little girls in my group.
They had so much fun at the petting zoo,
the bounce house, the train ride and the hay ride!
It was a full morning of Fall fun!

Each child was allowed to pick a small gourd to bring home too!

As promised,
here are the results of our
pumpkin projects!
The polka dot ones are my favorite!
I got the idea from Better Homes and Gardens.
We just used an apple corer and mixed up the plugs
to create colorful dots!
Cool, huh?


Mo said...


Looks like a good time was had by all.

I like the polka dots too.

Thank you for sharing.

Joyce said...

Fantastic Becca,Love your art work in words and color XXOO

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Yea for the polka dot pumpkins! I saw this too and would love to try them some year. I just knew this wasn't the best time.

Still, it's good to know it works and it's fairly simple.

Your photos are exquisite, as always.

Laura said...

awww, my post isnt going to be as chipper cuase I am bummed out about something but I still love these pics. Your group looks like it had a blast. The pumpkin project looked like it was a success. I love the white pumpkin with dots and the one with the stem as the nose to cute. I carved mine today I will have pics up in the next couple days when I post it.

Happy Halloween Becca, David, Zach, Michael, Madison & Bren