Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fall Social Success!

The Snow Princess had a great time Friday night
at her school's Fall Social,

and so did her Mom and Dad!

We set up on the stage of the gym for a busy night of
mini photo sessions.

Here is my set-up.
I was really happy with the chestnut
paper backdrop.
It was perfect for showing off just about every color
of costume that was thrown at me
and had a warm Fallish feel to it.
The red stripe in that gigantic American Flag
proved to be a bit of a thorn in my side
because of a slight red cast it kept throwing
on my subjects,
but it's nothing a bit of editing won't cure.

Here is Bren letting me do a few test shots
before the party started.

And here's one of my test shots.
It's a little on the bright side,
but one of the only test shots I kept.
I had to do quite a bit of tweaking,
but in the end,
I found a lighting set up that worked consistently
with lots of different heights.
We were there for two and a half hours
and were busy the entire time!
I have alot of editing to do,
but once I get permission from some of my favorites
from the night,
I will put them on the blog!

Bren had a blast running around with her friends all night!
She did dances like
the hokey pokey
the chicken dance
the electric slide
head and shoulders, knees and toes.
She was so worn out by the time it was over!


Laura said...

Okay I LOVE the set up!. Thats flippin amazing. The shots look like they should turn out great, though seriously you could shoot anything and I would still find something to love about it. Cant wait to see the turn out.

I think we have the same laptop LoL.
Today I did a little shooting myself. We had a hail storm, it was gorgeous. I made sure to keep my camera dry. Pics will likely happen soon. Then Ive been partaking in my friends photography class by doing assignments with her that she shares. I mentioned I think. I put up the second part of it, the first part should be done for halloween, hopefully.

Im ranting. Seriously looks like this was an amazing session!

Tammy (Mom to this crazy bunch) said...

How fun! Her costume is perfect!

Christy said...

How fun to see you in action! I really admire your work - your pictures are beautiful.

kristi said...

Very sweet!