Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Arrrg, Matey!!!

With halloween coming up,
I thought I'd share a fun costume we did last month.
Lisa of little bits by lisa made this incredible set!
As cute as it is,
I could not convince Bren to be a pirate for halloween this year.
She's going to be a Princess
(shocking, I know)
We are currently in search of the "perfect"
Princess costume for her.

Sneaking away with the treasure!

We found an old shipyard to do some of the shoot at.

Bren had her first acting class last night at a theater
in Everett.
She LOVED it!
I hope it leads to more great and fun things for her!


Anonymous said...

She is sooo CUTE!
A natural with her modeling.
Alabama Grandmother

Laura said...

Bless!!! what an adorable little pirate. She pulls this costume off amazing!. The wall is really coming in handy for shots and holy the shipyard...PERFECT!

Awww glad to hear Bren loved the acting class!. Though the kid totally has an amazing personalty and a big imagination which will come in handy and im sure she will have a blast with it.

Happy Halloween ^_^

jonahbonah said...

Those are wonderful pictures!!! Love the costume too!