Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Fall Fairies have been here.......

Finally...time for sweater vest and leggings!

Warm scarves, boots and tights.

This is such a fashion-fun season!

Time for dancing in the wind.

And for investigating little seed pods

and curious caterpillars.

I just adore Fall!!
The colors, the smells,

the crisp breeze, the caramel popcorn,
and candied apples,
cinnamon spice apple cider
and smoke swirling from chimneys,
it's all so appealing to me!

It makes me feel all comfy, warm and inspired.

We had fun decorating our porch this year.
We've still got a few crafty pumpkin projects to do this weekend
and put on display.
We'll be making a family trip to the pumpkin patch
on Saturday and then another one with
Bren's class on the 30th.
I'm guessing it will be pumpkin-a-plenty around here!

Did you notice that our front two flowers are
Florida State Seminole colors?

Nothing is a coincidence, my friends.

This leaf inspired the photo series you see on my blog today.
I saw it on my windshield while I was walking
Bren to her bus stop this morning.
It immediately reminded me of last Fall
when I posted a similar photo.

It was our first and only Fall in Rhode Island
and I consider it our first "real" Fall.

It was the first time we were able to enjoy a true season change.
I was just mesmerized all season long
by the vibrancy of the colors all around me.

It's the same here....very beautiful and full of fiery colors,
you never really forget the first time you fell in love, right?

So Rhode Island will always be what I think of first
when I feel a crisp breeze scented with spice,
taste a freshly picked apple,
go on a hay ride or tie a warm scarf around my child's neck.
Rhode Island is the first....
but Washington is equally as beautiful.
We are so blessed to be able to live in so many diverse areas
and to have experienced all of the differences
that each place has offered us.
Here is some "change" happening in the woods
across the street from our house.

These leaves that are strewn all along the sidewalk and street
were all swirling in the wind yesterday
as we drove home from Michael's practice.

Bren saw them all dancing in the breeze and said,

"It's Fall, Mommy,
because the leaves are fallin'!"

Then she went right into her newest pass time....


"Fall, Ball, Call, Wall, Ya'll!"

Fall is kinda the calm before the storm, isn't it?
As the leaves begin to fade,
we'll be screaming towards the holidays
at breakneck speed!

So, from our family to yours....
Enjoy this beautiful season!
Take some time to get out in
nature and embrace the beauty of change.
"Nothing Gold Can Stay!"



{:) Bren}


Laura said...

Another touching post. It's your entries that just give off that vision of sitting in your jammies, drinking your morning coffee or tea. Sat in your comfy chair, sofa or bed. Or perhaps on the porch with a throw blanket wrapped around you and your fav pair of fuzzy slippers as you sit and look through the world, through your eyes.

Thanks for sharing your world with us.

Anonymous said...

No place like the great Northwest for Fall Beauty. Thanks so much for sharing, and your post yesterday about Pikes Place Market in Seattle....made me so homesick. It's all so beautiful, but I do love living in the Florida Keys...hardly ever chilly, and I love being warm. Once again "Thanks for sharing"
Barbara, a Florida Fan.

JOY said...

wow ! You thrill your Mommas heart,Smart ,cart ,Thart, No I won't go there ,XXOO

The Downtown Boutique said...

I just love reading your blog and seeing all of the beautiful pictures you post. I think I need some digital camera training! :-) Thanks for sharing the GORGEOUS Autumn colors!