Sunday, October 12, 2008


Arachnid condos!
As I've stated before,
our neighborhood is like a cluster of houses on a hill.
The homes are built very close together
and it seems as if everyone wanted to occupy the same piece of property.
I don't blame them, the view is awesome!
Our neighborhood is not unique.
Many of the residential areas are this way
in the pacific northwest and more pop up everyday.

So from a close quarters perspective,
it was no surprise to see this display
in my yard last week!
Even the spiders are following suit!


~Rain said...

Omgosh I hate spiders. i would have cried and set the tree on fire

Mo said...

Wow! Those were some over active spiders.

Great capture by you.

Katey said...

aren't they so cool with dew on them first thing in the morning

is that an Ingersoll Rand van across the street????

Katey said...

so um you know my DH works for IR?? he is a remote tech in Spokane but his main office is in Auburn....I betcha he knows your neighbor...I will email you a pic of Dy...this world is getting way small!!

Laura said...

oh my gosh, so creepy! so not a fan of spiders, but I admit there webs are just so beautiful and unique. Just looking what they are able to create just from shooting silk out there butt. Such amazing detail and you have captured it beautifully, and this would be something id be using a telephoto lens for cause no way id get close enough to that thing for anything *shudder*. Still amazing capture and the colors are gorgeous

Sue said...

creepy but beautiful. nice shot!

Joyce said...

As for me I like to look at webs,I bet Brendell likes them too. great shots Becca.XXOO