Sunday, October 26, 2008


It's Homecoming weekend!!!

Every restaurant worth it's salt tonight
had tables and tables full
of girls and boys
all dolled up for the festivities
at the state's largest high school.

That's alot of
corsages and boutinnieres!

David and I sat at one of the restaurants
{not the same one Sierra and Zach went to,
because even though it would have been
far more convenient for us to dine in the same
place since we were their drivers for the evening,
and we would certainly have requested a table
on the opposite side of the restaurant
and completely ignored them if our paths crossed,
it was just a horrific concept
according to them...
so we took our date night down the street!}

Anyway, as we noshed on our salad and shrimp,
we watched as nervous young boys and girls
sat across from each other all dressed up
and dreamy-eyed.
It brought back lots of memories!

My private school didn't have "dances",
but we did have banquets.
I remember the excitement of shopping for
THE dress,
spending hours getting ready,
{It took that long to get my hair as big as we wore it back then!}
posing for a few photos
and then going off to the school
to celebrate with my friends.

It's hard to believe that
David and I are on the other side of the
scene now!
When did our sons become teenagers?!

Sierra looked so beautiful and Zach looked
very handsome in his shirt and tie.
Which, by the way, he bought with part of his first paycheck
from his new job!
I was joking with my mom that
since he bought it,
I would care far less about it being wadded up
on his bedroom floor.
She laughed and said that it would probably be the only thing
that he didn't wad up since he spent his own hard earned cash on it!
A little voice inside my head is saying
"Yeah, dream on!"

I had to include this photo,
because this is "them"!
It's safe to say that the only time they
weren't being silly and joking around with each other
during the whole photo shoot
was when the camera clicked producing the above
more serious and totally staged photos!
Just keeping it real, folks!
So who is with me in thinking that
youth is definitely wasted on the young!!!
Ok, I'm outa here....
I'm gonna go put on some vintage Bryan Adams and
wax nostalgic.


Jenn~ said...

Can you please tell them to stop growing up....I cannot believe how big your kiddos are getting....amazing fav being the last :) I hope they had an amazing time...

Laura said...

Holy I need scenery this awesome to shoot with. The fall area is stunning and gosh I love these pics. Seeing them kinda makes me wish I went to the school dances or attempted to have a couple dance worthy dates. -sigh- I was such an outcast LoL.

Gorgeous gorgeous pics.

Cheryl said...

Beautiful photos...not many kids get 'professional homecoming' pictures. Your son has the typical teen haircut; my daughter's beau looks just like that. And the last photo? What's it with teens sticking out their tongues in pictures? Cute and crazy.

momy4him said...

awww, that is so sweet! Your photos are absolutely amazing!!!
Miss you!

Joyce said...

Well! I no why they stick out there tongues, thats where there brain is!!! there thinking!remember!!!those sainy brainy days.Oh to be young once again!!!!naa! the pain was to great.XXOO

The Perfect Trio said...

So much fun!! THey are too cute together!!!


Christina Wilson said...

The pictures are amazing they sure are cute together! Thank you so much for taking care of her when she is up there and thank you for all of the pictures. We love all of them.

(Sierra's mom)